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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25 and S 155

Fair Tax Nation  supports many projects to promote Fair Tax...Won't you help?  If it is donating time, services or just $5, you know it will be used wisely.  Over 99% of every donation goes directly toward  special efforts.  Whatever you can give will be appreciated and it will be spent directly on spreading the Fair Tax message.  Fair Tax Nation is 100% grassroots...100% of the time and we take action!

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I just reconfirmed my monthly donation to Fair Tax Nation.  Won't you?   Every penny is used directly for the advancement of Fair Tax.  Volunteers at Fair Tax Nation are 100% Grassroots...100% of the time!  Fair Tax Nation Volunteers take action because they know that time is critical!  Please help to keep the momentum going!

It's TIME, --time to take FairTax on the road (again, if you will).  You may remember, that AFFT made up the "FairTax Express" which looked really great, but was only a rented coach with a wrap, and costing WAY TOO MUCH!  This time, I'm hoping that the grassroots will take charge to get something more permanent, and for a fraction of the cost.

I want to name this initiative "Project AX2TAX"  (trying to be inclusive of those like Sen. Ron Paul who prefer to have NO Federal taxes at all.)  The IRS scandal of late has energized a whole group of people who want to end the Income tax, yet are not quite on-board with the FairTax legislation (HR25).  It's not "softsoap", just making our caucus as massive as possible;  we WILL make HR25 our battlecry.  HERE'S THE PLAN FOR YOU TO HELP FUND:

Fair Tax Nation! is desiring to have a boots-on-the-ground presence in Washington D.C.  But I'm seeing that vision one UP better than just hiring a staff person.  The harsh facts of D.C. politics make it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for grassroots startup groups to operate there.  Only the well connected lobbyists can afford to play the game.  You have to register, rent a shared desk in a K street highrise, and be subject to a host of local codes and union rules.  So, we just don't play their game, and show them our own.

Most of our work is cyber, fax, or phone; all things that can be done in a house -- and having a (rented) house allows for itinerant FTN leaders who fly in to D.C. to have a place to stay, instead of a big hotel bill.  This is good, but not the most exciting part of this project.  --RU READY?

I want to inspire the grassroots to fund and construct our very own Fair Tax Nation! bus.  There are many reasons to do this.  First, a bus is mobile, meaning it's not subject to building codes or union cronies, but only the DMV.  Second, a bus is mobile in it's ability to cruise up and down the Eastern seaboard at state and county fairs and such, enhancing the FairTax branding and giving volunteers a tool to work with.  Third, a bus not only collects FairTax news, but also generates news by it's very presence.  A bus can support staff members for short periods of overnight stay -at no cost, and a bus can pickup and deliver people and materials anywhere it can be driven to, for the price of the gas.  Finally, a bus becomes a permanent office facility to carry on much of the desk work, host community groups, picnic with volunteers or schmuse with local media (TV, radio, paper, or cybercasters).

I've drawn out a rendering of such a bus, as my first draft, attached below.  I'm hoping for YOUR INVOLVEMENT AND SUPPORT to specially fund this project (in addition to your necessary donation to keep FTN functioning).  By opening this file you'll see a gently used 70 passenger school bus, cleaned out, carpeted, painted and wired for offices, with all the comfort of a bath and galley, plus a conference room.  But put away the desks and it becomes a materials van, people mover, or even an RV as warranted.  And everywhere it goes you'll be surprised to see how professional looking a school bus can be when it is wrapped with a PVC printed skin.

The opening projection of cost is assumed to be about $5,000, which  would make the purchase and some of the interior, saving money for the exterior wrap which is yet to be designed.  To start, $3,000 would get us started in saving on other expenses, and the cost of keeping would only be a license plate and a place to park.  For now, PLEASE make yourself a part of this project, by volunteering any experience/labor you can provide.  This is a grassroots project, wholly owned by volunteers and funded by YOUR Dollars.  We will set up a special donation link when the time is right.  Any of you can contact me at: www.Garyranderson@aol.com

Sorry for that; Here's the file on the AX2TAX Project.



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