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I was looking at the list of the total cosponsors in both chambers(55) for the current session of Congress(111th). I then decided to compare how many had signed on through the end of March for the first year in the 110th session. That total was 58, out of 76 for the whole session. I then looked at the 109th session during that same time period. The total for both chambers was 35, out of 61 for the entire session. It then dawned on me support for the Fair Tax has dropped off considerably after March of the first year for the last two sessions. This may indicate a pattern is developing and we may need to revise our strategy to ensure momentum continues after this month.

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Do we need to make a list of all cosponsors since conception of HR25, do a comparison and then target those that dropped off?
If I understand your numbers correctly, it appears to me that the number of cosponsers actually grew in the 110th session from the 109th session and we are only 3 cosponsers short of the 110th session for the same time last year. Of course, we still have half of this month left to make up the difference.

It may be interesting to see a breakdown by party for the years in question. I am of the impression there were some Democrat cosponsers in the past, but I am not aware of any so far this year. My guess would be that most of those that have dropped off are Democrats.

In my opinion, I think it is imperative that we start finding some Democrat cosponsers in order to make this a truely bipartisan effort - that is, if you can find any who are not afraid of speaker Nancy. As much as it hurts for me to say it, the reality is that the Fair Tax doesn't stand a chance of passage with Democrat support.
Sean you are correct it did grow overall but my point is after March of the first year in the last two sessions momentum suddenly dwindled. Why? That needs to be addressed IMHO. Imagine how many more cosponsors we would have if we could maintain the same pace or at least make some improvement compared to what has happened up to the end of March in the first year.

The number of Democrats who have signed on in any one session of Congress is very small(1 or 2) but we still haven't signed on most of the Republicans! There has been considerable discussion as to how to convince more Democrats to cosponsor the bill.
I beleive Dan Boren has dropped his co-sponsorship....more than likely due to a Dem majority and he wants to keep on their good side.

I just e-mail his office showing my upset because in January his office said he had co-sponsored when in fact he has not.
I think you need to organize OK to get him back on the cosponsor role. I'm sure there were more than a few who voted for him due to his support for the FairTax. Make sure he understands that fact.

Polosi might be able to take him off a committee but the votersd can take him out of Congress all together.


Ok, I understand now and I see your point. I would hazard a guess and say that most of the cosponsers sign on when the legislation is reintroduced at the beginning of each session. Am I correct in saying that a session of Congress lasts for two years? If so, then it is a sad state of affairs that only another 20-25 members cosponser the bill during the remaining year and nine months.

I wish to correct a "typo" I made in my original reply - "...the Fair Tax doesn't stand a chance of passage with Democrat support." I meant to say - "...the Fair Tax doesn't stand a chance of passage without Democrat support."

I believe the first thing that needs to be done is to do as Tony did and contact any former Democrat cosponser and urge them to renew their cosponsership. After that, I think we need to encourage the "conservative" (Blue-dog?) Democrats to join in sponsership.

And while it pains me to know there are a lot of Republicans sitting on the fence (7 in Florida), I'm not sure how much that matters - if every house Republican became a cosponser, we still wouldn't have enough votes for passage (unless Democrats just sit on their hands and not vote against it, but you can count on speaker Nancy to rally her troops). I think if we can get a significant number of Democrats to cosponser, then the Republicans will follow.

Again, I believe we have to find a way to make this a truely bipartisan effort. Otherwise, we'll just have to wait for the next session of Congress - when we can only hope that the Republicans retake control.
Why are we not counting the senate cosponsors? We have to have them as well.

The score is not 51 out of 435

The score is actually 55 out of 535.
I believe Dan pointed out that there were 55 cosponsers in both chambers, and you are correct in pointing out we have 4 Senate cosponsers - all Republicans. While I myself am a conservative Republican, I see a need for bipartisan support. - Sean
I think it would BE VERY advanagteous to have the list of co-sponsors from each of the past 2 yrs...this year being the 3rd." Then we could see if they got voted out or are indeed still in office and NOT co-sponsoring. There are soooo many NEW FairTax supporters and of them VERY educated about the process...I cannot count the times people have said, "when will it be on the ballot for a vote."

By creating this list it would CALL attention to those who did and did not co-sponsor and who did and did not get re-elected.

I spoke to a Democrats LA and wow...can you say NEGATIVE? Why would HE want to co-sponsor legislation sponsored by a "Republican". We do NEED the Democrats tiz true...but what we REALLY need is more co-sponsors to be PRO-ACTIVE!!! What are those who have co-sponsored doing to EDUCATE their constituents of this bill? Are they sending out e-mails/postcards/mentioning it-explaining it at townhall meetings????

I know THANKS TO FAIRTAXNATION we FairTax Supporters have rallied more in the past 2 months than in the YR that I've been a community coordinator.

I'd like to see this list CREATED and POSTED and re-posted and re-posted!!! I know my Congressman is ONE of 3 in WA state (as a Republican) that have NOT co-sponsored....but until their constituents GET IT...they will NOT be pressured or inclined to co-sponsor.

GOOOOOooooooo FairTax!!!


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