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I am planning to purchase several 4" X 6" banners for use at any upcoming events where FairTax Nation is planning to have a presence. The type of events may be trade shows, political conventions, county fairs, or gun shows, just to name a few.

The graphics are already done for the banner, and they are going to look great. I'm putting the order together soon, so they can be used at some of the April events. I'm going to pay for the first banner, which comes to $84. For every additional donation of $50, I will pay the difference of $34 to purchase an additional banner for FairTaxNation! Whoever makes the donation will decide which group keeps the banner. The vinly banners will include gromments for hanging from a wall, or a stand. I will include instructions for building a nice looking simple stand out of PVC pipe for outside events. Download the enclosed file to preview what it will look like.

Thanks to Ballyhoo banners for their help. I'd like to also thank Brenda Janssen for the design work!

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What do you use on the table. Our organization has a nice satin type material with our company logo on the front side that extends down close to the ground, covers a standard six foot table on both ends.
Light weight and very portable.
The white AFFT logo on a vinyl canvas material. We use velcro to attach it. You can also put a table cover on top to cover the edge and let it hang down a little.
Hi Jim,

Jennifer with BallyHoo Banners here. We can help you give the professional look you are seeking. We are a large format digital printer and a member of the Fair Tax group in Kansas City.

We print many tradeshow graphics, and have offered our signage services to the Fair Tax of Kansas City. As our contribution to the cause we are donate the design work for banner stands and banners for our booths, and sell the products at wholesale costs. Our banner stands are portable and give a very professional look, something I think you were looking for. Our photo quality print pops because we print at 720 dots per inch, not the industry standard of 320 dpi.

If the Fair Tax group could come up with a couple of designs for yards signs, vehicle magnets, banners and banners stands we have some ideas we would like to discuss that could greatly reduce the costs even at wholesale pricing; volume drives down the cost of our production whereby we could pass that savings along to the Fair Tax group to get a much more professional look at the lowest possible prices.

If you are interested, please give either myself or my husband Curtis a call at 888-816-5050, and visit our website at www.BallyHooBanners.com.

Hope to kick around some ideas with you!
Jennifer and Curtis Heaton

That is quite expensive for five banners. I can get them done for less than 100 a peice.
OK, maybe you are right.

Tell me more about how you will ship or store them so that they will stay in good shape...
The banners Jim is talking about have a metal base that the banner rolls into for storage. There is a pole that folds up. It is about 6 1/2 feet tall and about 30 inches wide. It comes with a carrying case of canvas. Rolled up, it is about 3"x8"x30". They cost over $400 a piece.

do you think that a set of those would be to expensive?
I really don't think we need those type of banners. We need a banner to serve as a professional looking backdrop to go behind a booth at a convention. We might could use one like the one pictured above, in addition to the one that FairTax.org lets us use, but I think five would be overkill. They really aren't all that necessary, since we have handouts that has all the information on them.

I plan on using buildasign.com, and either 4x6 or 4x8 feet as the size.
Most trade/event shows have limited size booth. You can put something on the front of the table (becomes hidden when people stand in front of it) and another on the back of the booth if it can be hung. Often you cannot attach to the back drape (show rules) Therefore you need an informational banner that people can see. The vertical type banner that will pop up can be seen from a long way down the walkway. Shorter ones can be placed on top of the table and be seen and read. People will try to avoid the booth and just stand back to see if they want more information. We have had people come up to the booth when we have the banner up but just keep walking when it was not there.
Josh, You have not answered the question yet.

What is the banner made of? How is it to be transported safely and put up without creases and wrinkles? Give me an example of what you are talking about.

I do not want to keep borrowing AFFT's hoping they are not using it somewhere else when we need it. We have to events coming up at the same time. Who should borrow AFFT's? If we had five, we could let the second event use a couple.

Future booth must be top notch and professional looking if we are going to do events like CPAC. It needs to break down after the event and ship/store easily and be protected.

I am all for saving money but I'm not willing to sacrifice professionalism.

The booth has to be striking enough to draw people in so that you can talk to them to get the handouts into their hands.

2000 is not that much if you divide it between a lot of people. if we solicited 10 from 200 people we have it covered.
I see your point. If you want to try to raise money for the type of banner that stands up, I say go for it. The one I'm going to pay for is just a vinyl banner that can be hung up to replace the crummy looking one that we had at CPAC. All it needs is a FairTaxNation.org logo on it. It can be rolled up and stored in a hard plastic tube, and shipped that way. I'll have one shipped to you, and one to Maralyn. Then if you guys want to do a more informational banner that stands up, that's fine.

I am Jennifer with BallyHoo Banners. We do the signage for the Kansas City Fair Tax Group. We can design a 4'x 6 digitally printed banner with the design cost for $109.00; our print is photo quality, tradeshow caliber.

Other than the Fair Tax logo, what else do you have in mind?

You can visit our website at www.ballyhoobanners.com or give me a call at 888-816-5050.


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