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I thought I read recently that America is the second highest taxed country in the world. Has anyone else heard this and is there a web site that has such information to prove it?

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I Googled "taxes by country" and viewed a number of the search results.

According to what I saw, the US doesn't even come close to second place - not even in the top ten on most of the pages.
I think that it was in an editorial in our newspaper that I read that. In any case we are Taxed Enough Already. Thanks for checking it out Sean.
Randy, if I'm not mistaken, I believe I heard that the United States has the 2nd highest corporate tax of all industrialized nations. That would be 2nd only to Japan.
that may have been what that gentleman was refering to. Is there a web site that will back that up?
Google, "Corporate taxes by country". There was one web site that backed that up. If I remember right it was right after the wikipedia sites.
Hey Congress!!! That might explain why all the manufacturing companies are leaving. Note to congress. Pass Fairtax.


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