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I just read Glenn Beck's Common Sense and felt that though he described very well the problems facing us, he left out some tangible answers to repair the damage. Since I doubt my e-mail to Glenn has any chance of being read by him, I thought I'd at least share it with my FairTax friends so it won't be a wasted effort....here it is:




This will be at least one of hundreds (thousands?) of e-mails that you receive today. The chances of getting a reply are slim....the chances you are actually able to read this I hope are better.


I just finished reading "Glenn Beck's Common Sense". This is an extraordinary book and I applaud you for getting this important work out there. Hopefully it will be read by many Americans and will inspire some change in government that we all can believe in. I, like you, believe there is an awakening occuring in American society and I have to believe this will result in a return to the founding principals that our government was based on. Alongside the 9.12 Project there are organizations working very hard to make this happen. Two of these organizations offer America tangible solutions to most of the problems you have so effectively pointed out in your book. I am curious and would like to ask you why these are not refered to in your writing. It would (in my humble opinion) be much more effective to not only describe the problems and processes that occured that got us into this mess (as you did quite well) but to also provide tangible solutions that will bring us back to a point where our government representatives are held accountable, restricted to term limits and required to conduct the peoples business rather than work to consolidate power. I am certain you know these organizations. They are:


1) GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House). This grassroots effort, with strong ties to the TEA Party movement and the 9.12 Project would repair much or most of the damage to our government that you have described in your book. If successful, GOOOH would replace the 435 House Representatives with Congressmen/women who would observe term limits, not be beholden to a political party or special interest. These would be the very politicians that you have described that we need to return government back to serving Americans and would replace the "ruling elite".


2) The FairTax. This is a grassroots movement that I have been proud to support and actively work for. I'm sure you have at least some knowledge of the basic principals of the FairTax, but in light of the problems you have described in your book, I do not understand why the only slight mention of a solution would have been a "Flat Tax". The Forbes Flat Tax would at best be a bandaid for a severed artery. A Flat Tax INCOME Tax would leave the IRS intact and our taxing system in the hands of the federal government, who would rewrite, meddle and fiddle with it until we are right back to where we are now. The FairTax would remove government fingers from manipulating it...from using the taxing system as an awards and/or punishment tool....as a platform for campaign promises....as a tool to prevent average Americans from gaining wealth & prosperity. The FairTax is a taxing system based on Free Enterprise and Capitalism...would tax illegal aliens, criminals, tourists...would free up a 17% tax burden on exports....would return Trillions of off shore account dollars back to the USA....would make America an irresistable corporate tax haven that would provide a real economic stimulus.


My God Glenn, these 2 organizations are Answers to the very real and dangerous problems that the Progressive Movement has and is posing to our America. I can only surmise that there are some reasons that you have that make you feel publicly endorsing these organizations would hurt you, brand you, or somehow violate a contractual agreement with Fox News??? It doesn't seem plausible that you (of all people) would worry about what someone would think or say about you. I, for one, think you're awesome and pray your efforts will help us save our way of life. I just believe GOOOH and the FairTax are the best vehicles we have to make this happen.


Thank you,


Douglas D. McCue

CPO USN Retired

Rutherfordton, NC




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This is a well written letter. I do know approximately two months ago Beck stated on Bill O'Reilly's show his penchant for a VAT on top of existing taxes.
Great Letter!
Mr. McCue,

Thanks for sharing your letter with us, fellow Fair Tax supporters / promoters. since you have read Common Sense. You may want to try reading Arguing with Idiots. Almost the entire time I was reading the book, I caught my self saying the answer is the Fair Tax. It was unreal.

Perhaps you could put your letter on Mike Reagans post, he might be able to get it to Glenn Beck. It would be worth trying.

Thanks for sharing your letter,
Thanks everyone for the kind words. Yes, I have seen "Arguing with Idiots" and am sure I will read it sometime. Right now I have a project I want to do to help promote the FairTax and GOOOH. This will take some time and effort but I hope it will do a lot more than this letter to Glenn Beck. I respect Mr. Beck, but I also understand he has his own venue to get his message out to the public and my letter to him is merely a drop in the ocean considering the thousands of letters he receives. That's OK...I support the work Mr. Beck does, but strongly feel (as you and the other FairTax Nation members do) that the FairTax and GOOOH are the best vehicles our country has to restore and save our Republic.
An open comment to Mr. Beck:

US$2 TRILLION in American-owned liquid assets participating in the illegal cash-only underground economy.

US$13 TRILLION in American-owned liquid assets sitting in offshore financial centers beyond US borders.

US$350 to US$500 BILLION per year (depending on the estimate) in income tax compliance costs.

Millions of jobs outsourced beyond US borders for income tax avoidance reasons.

This is what you get with our current income tax system based on Title 26, the Internal Revenue Code. It's time to repeal the 16th Amendment and replace that broken-down and economy-sapping system with the vastly superior FairTax. Can you imagine what happens to our economy if we can bring back most of that US$15 TRILLION now out of the US financial system and no longer needing to spend between US$350 and US$500 BILLION per year in tax compliance costs?
Great letter. I hope he reads it. It gives me hope when I see my feelings reflected on someone else's writings, it makes me feel I am not alone.

Edmonds, WA
Hear Hear


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