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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

We had between 4 and 5 thousand people there!

FairTax was a hit!

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We had 5,000 on the steps of the state capital in Hartford, CT according to the state police. I passed out fliers for an upcoming presentation of The Fair Tax at a nearby high school next to the University of Connecticut on Friday at 6:30pm. Tom Wright is flying in to be the featured speaker. I lost count after awhile how many fliers I handed out. My strategy was to target groups of people and give them my pitch. Many people took the fliers including Democrats, Republican and Independents. Hopefully the turnout will be well attended on Friday.

Caption: I did find these two trouble makers hanging out together at the Memphis tea party. I found this picture of me and Tom Gulleff on one of my bloggings sites, www.bluecollarrepublican.com under a faux Department Of Homeland Security Advisory. ;o) I am the only known radical right wing Democrat.
Those are two dangerous looking dudes. What's with that symbol of extremism in the background?
This was Jim's post on Fair Tax Leadership. I'd like to see this discussion turn into Tea Party Reports. Huckabee has a poll on his site asking What Next. We need to let everyone know this is a start and not the end.

MAN.. Memphis was an absolute SUCCESS like I never thought it would be! I thought I would be boo-ed off the stage when I said I was a Democrat supporting the FairTax. Instead, they heckeled My Republican congresswoman's name when I mentioned she did not support it. They went NUTs when I said they should stop saying "NO" to everythng and say "YES" to the FAIRTAX! I am on cloud 9 right now. We signed up about 60 people to FTN. I have to get them entered during lunch today.

That is a 20% growth for the FTN Tennessee membership from this one Tea Party event alone.
We had around 4,000 people at the Tea Party in Columbus, Ohio. Steve did a beautiful job outlining the Fair Tax and that was great for me as I worked the crowd. Before he ever even spoke, I was amazed at the amount of Fair Tax support there was here. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say fully half and maybe three quarters of the people there want the Fair Tax. Those that weren't familiar liked Steve's outline and wanted to know more. I couldn't help but eavesdrop a little here and there and the talk was favorable. It was a success!

My 73 yr old mother, while not an actual volunteer, carried her sign and did a great job of handing out fliers. She and I are of different political persuasions which just goes to show you how non partisan the Fair Tax and the Tea Parties really are. Even she was surprised by the sheer numbers that support the Fair Tax.

Thank you, Steve for doing a bang up job. You made my job in the crowd really easy.

Forgot my camera!!


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