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THIS Friday, Tri-Cities Tea Party Workshop, 4/12/2013, 7pm, Union Branch Library in Kennewick

Tri-Cities Tea Party has a FairTax Subcommittee that needs a chair person to keep TEA Party Supporters informed of the latest going on with the FairTax.

National End the Income Tax Day Event >>> Solution>>> FAIRTAX

THIS Saturday, April 13, 2013, TIME: NOON-2pm

Columbia Center Blvd & Canal, Kennewick, WA

Jamie Wheeler, nomoreirs@aol.com

SIGNS Will be provided for participants

April 13, 2013 will be a "National End The Income Tax Day" of protest. Citizens around the country will be protesting our current dysfunctional, diabolical Income Tax System by staging events and rallies around the country. The intent of the protestors is to draw national attention to our broken Federal Income Tax System followed by a Congressional Contact Blitz, which will include personal visits, telephone calls, emails, and facsimile messages to members of congress. All groups and individuals are invited and encouraged to participate in this grassroots effort. The Tri-Cities Rally will be focusing on FairTax as the solution

to ending the National Income Tax.

If a "state income tax" is voted down by Washingtonians isn't it time to get rid of the Federal Income Tax?

We can with the passage of the FairTax Bill in DC, HR25.


What do the Ball & Chain and our current Tax System have in common?

They are both GREAT HINDERANCES & hold us back

The IRS Ball and Chain can be cut with the FairTax Bill!

HAPPENING NOW & through the months of MAY & JUNE

FTCCC FairTax Contact Congress Campaign (April, May & June)

It is not too late to sign up! 1st goal is to have a minimum of one person contacting 5 members of congress ONCE a month for the FairTax Bill. ULTIMATE goal is 5+  people on each date of the month.

To join the 17 supporters currently signed up to contact congress follow these 4 easy steps:

1) PICK a date that suits you to make the 5 calls, once a month

2) TOUCH BASES with Jamie Wheeler by phone or Email with the DATE you PICKED: 

509-586-7124 or NoMoreIRS@aol.com once she hears from you she will send you the sheet with the contact information and a sample script of what to say.

3) Receive FTCCC contact information sheet

4) Make your calls


Fair Tax Time Radio Program, LIVE

6:00- 7:00 pm PT (Pacific Time Zone)

Call in number; (619) 393-6478

Toll free call in number (888) 436-1206

Listen at: http://FairTaxTime.com

FairTax Informational Website


FairTax on FaceBook

107,300+ LIKES

search FairTax.org” and LIKE TODAY


The idea has been proposed to have a FAIRTAX meeting 1x a quarter to review past events/actions and to plan for future events/actions to try to increase the momentum for the FairTax.  For the past TWO years we have had a FairTax Yard Sale....shall we do that again & if so when?  In the mean time start putting yard sale items aside for the specific day/date/time.  It is usually one day only.

MARCH: FairTax was the topic of the Tri-Cities TEA Party meeting

APRIL:  National End the Income Tax Day 4/13/2013 and the first month of FTCCC. 

?? FIRST FT QUARTERLY MEETING?? yet this month OR in May?

MAY: ?? FIRST FT QUARTERLY MEETING?? We can meet at one of the libraries, or even have a PHONE Conference Call, the other option depending on the size of our group are MyFroYo which has meeting rooms available at no charge and a 10% discount on a frozen yogurt purchase for those attending the meeting room event. Do you know of a place we can have a meeting? Business? Church? Etc...


JULY: ??>Possible Quarterly Meeting AND action item(s)<??

AUGUST: Benton/Franklin County Fair, FairTax will be represented at the Tri-Cities TEA Party Booth, so it is important to have FairTax supporters there to talk with 100s of people! **Other possible action items: FairTax in the Parade, on the entrance to parking corners**


OCT: ??>Possible Quarterly Meeting AND action item(s)>??

NOV/DEC: Thanksgiving and Christmas Vacation??!!!

The ABSOLUTE best way to communicate is via www.FairTaxNation.com sign up is FREE

This social networking site enables me to send out bulk emails and enables us as FairTax supporters to communicate individually with others all over the USA via

emails, chat, and so much more.

(It is like FaceBook only everyone is a FairTax Supporter and

the site is overseen by a FairTax Supporter!). 

  • There is a NEW video about the FairTax you can watch...

  • There is a place you can log onto a map or

see how many FT supporters are in different states...

  • There is a group for every state as well as others like: Twitter, Bloggers, Veterans and some states have made sub-groups by their state's counties or congressional districts.

I will start Discussions: “Tri-Cities Activities” in our WA Congressional District 04 Group Looking forward to seeing you there!

BEFORE joining the discussion you must first “sign-up” on FairTaxNation, you'll be accepted within 24-48 hrs.  THEN you can go to the following link and join our

Congressional District 04 Group


GOOOoooooo FairTax! It it time for true Tax Reform!

Are you a business owner and would like to have a FairTax sign in your window, informational business cards on your counter OR BOTH?

Contact: Jamie Wheeler by phone: 509-586-7124 or

email: NoMoreIRS@aol.com

Businesses who have shown/are showing support for the FairTax by

displaying a sign or having information on their counters:

American Pool & Spa, Print Plus, Hamilton & Fisher, Paradise Bottled Water

Kline Computers, Amy's Dog spa


BRING A FRIEND or 2 or 3!!!

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