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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

The organizers of the Tea Parties are starting a new movement called Contract From America.This is their answer to the claim that they are organizing around the problem, instead of a solution. They are going to release this document that contains their top legislative proposals and ideas. We MUST get the FairTax into this document. Please sign up (free) at http://www.contractfromamerica.com and vote for the Fairtax! To vote, click on the Tax category, and then the vote button next to the FairTax. Clicking on the stars will rate it, voting is a separate thing.

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> Hank, I didn't say it would fix all the problems. I said it would start to fix them. We didn't get into our current mess overnight, it took many decades of bad and poorly thought out legislation. To your questions;
(1) The FairTax would return our government to a Constitutionally legal form of taxation.
(2) Hard to gage, but were it to pass, I think there would be a whole new round of thinking about what government spends our money on.
(3) The added transparency that the FairTax would give to citizens would make it more painful for Congress to go on spending like they currently do.
(4) We both agree on this one.

I never intended to portray the FairTax as a magic bullet in any of these instances. But it does start the ball rolling in the right direction on many issues. It will be up to us to elect more qualified representatives to keep the work going. The electorate will have to be very attentive for many years lest we return to our current situation.
(5) If the FairTax passes, it will cause our country to look at how the income tax was started and why it went on for so long. The next move will certainly be repeal of the 16th amendment. This might spark an investigation into it's legitimacy. This could become far reaching.
(6) Once we start looking at receipts that show the true cost of our government people may well start saying no to the spending.
(7) Pass the FairTax and the IRS won't be around to enforce Obamacare
(8) While indirect, the new money available for investment would flow toward a proportional number of businesses seeking to solve the problems faced by new energy technologies.
(9) See #6
(10) It does a better job of getting capital investment to grow the USEconomy than even the Bush tax cuts
(11) There is a whole list of unexpected consequences of the FairTax that are good for our country such as illegal immigration for one.
I don't know how my concluding paragraph moved up where it is, but those are my thoughts on the matter. Thanks, Cary
Mr. Hank Van Gieson,

I believe Cary Henderson gave and excellent argument for the Fair Tax. Read it again, first do a little more research on the FairTax.

The current Tax system is not working, the costs alone to comply with the tax code are hundreds of billions of dollars every year. That does not include all the booklets and forms printed and are distributed to every library in the nation, as well as those mailed to the people filing taxes.

The current Tax system is full of loop holes, fraud and uncertainty. Current legislation is making us even more dependent on the current tax code. The current tax code is a means for our government to buy votes, give favors and wield its power over Americans. The current tax code penalizes and stifles productivity.

With the FairTax, productivity would no longer be penalized. Every man, women and child would pay taxes when they purchased new retail products or services. The people would be able to make a choice. The more they purchase the more taxes they pay. When we make a purchase on a new product or service we will get a receipt showing how much FairTax we paid.

The FairTax would stimulate the economy. Income earners will have more money to spend, save or give. The prebates received every month will also give more money to households to help them with their budget. Business will pick up and do more hiring. Corporations will grow and eventually bring jobs back to America.

Yes, the answer is the FairTax and there are more and more people discovering this fact.

Mr. Gieson, it would be great if you gave a better argument against the FairTax. You spent more time doing the outline, that Cary Henderson used to give his reasons for the FairTax, than what you did to give an your reply. I will be waiting to read something that makes more sense. A suggestion is to take each of Cary's answers to your outline and give feed back for each and every one.

I wrote a reply yesterday. I don't know what happened to it after I hit the add reply button.

It basically said, I was hoping Carey would reply to your post and thanks for sharing the information about FairTaxBlog.com.

I also stated that the FairTax deserves as much consideration as other Tax reform. There is already legislation HR25 in congress for the FairTax. There are more people learning about the FairTax and they are asking why they are just hearing about it. Some candidates running on the FairTax are now, referring to it as a Consumption Flat Tax. Lets call it what it is, The FairTax. A candidate needs to stay on point and not waiver, especially when the issue is Tax reform and they start their campaign supporting the FairTax.

There are teams (in the administration and within the parties) looking for alternatives for Tax reform . The FairTax should be at the top of the list.
> Sorry for my absence, I'm out of town on business. Hank is not only a FairTax proponent, he is also one of it's most informed critics. There are some who only believe it's good side. Others question whether it will also have negatives. I take the optimistic side. As to my opinions let me state it in one way. No citizen of the United States of America should ever have to fear loss of life, liberty, or property from the U.S. government unless they have committed a crime. If He/She does, then our government is not adhering to the Constitution.
> Anyone can use my statements any time it will forward the effort to get the FairTax enacted.


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