Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25 and S 18

There are 36 plus races where the FairTax is an advertising issue.


How many candidates actually support the FairTax?  How many will win today?  How many will become Co-Sponsors?

After the election results are announced, please post in this discussion if a FairTax candidate won the race.  Please identify their name, state and district numbers everyone can make sure they sign on as a Co-Sponsor in January.

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Fl-24 changed from D to R
Congresswoman Elect Sandy Adams stated this evening she will Co-Sponsor the FairTax

Fl-08 changed from D to R
Congressman Daniel Webster when asked if he would Co-Sponsor the FairTax changed the subject to state he is more concerned about getting spending under control. I responded that he needs to be able to multi-task in congress. I also asked Rep John Mica (Co-Sponsor reelected) to work on Daniel Webster. Dan was also on Mike Huckabee's Presidential campaign team in Central Florida.
IL-14 Good news from IL Randy Hultgren was declared the winner. He was the only candidate subject to FairTax attack ads in IL.

Go FairTax!
I spoke with Roscor Bartlett last night and he will continue to Co-Sponsor the FairTax, which I thanked him for his support and Andy harris won MD-01 House who is a FairTax supporter Will be working on him to Co-Sponsort the bill.


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