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We Need To Make Tax Plans A MAJOR Campaign Issue This Election Cycle!

We have got to get Fair Tax supporters ACTIVELY pressuring candidates to go on record with what type of tax reform THEY support. It will not do us any good to fill the Congress with the 'other' party that wants to hold the power in DC. We need pro-active directors and coordinators paying attention to debate, townhall, meet and greet, and fundraising dinner schedules of these candidates and organizing a presence at these events wherein we can continue to press them on the issue of tax…


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Should You Expect Your County and City Public Servants to Know About the FairTax?

On October 7, Callaway Citizens for FairTax mailed invitations to 22 city and county elected officials inviting them to a FairTax presentation on Oct. 29th, 7:00 at Callaway Electric Cooperative, 1313 Cooperative Drive in Fulton, MO. A stamped addressed envelopes along with a questionnaire response form was included. In that response we asked the recipient to list any concerns about the FairTax he or she may have As of October 20, three elected Callaway officials have replied - all choosing to… Continue

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9/12 March on D.C. photo gallery and video

March on D.C. pictures & video:

Page 1

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Page 3

Page 4…


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Pro-Fairtax candidates spotlighted!

We are excited about the number of pro-Fairtax candidates who are visiting and joining www.billybarepockets.com these days. These candidates receive free exposure and promotion through press releases and speaking opportunities derived from our website.

If anyone is aware of good people who are running for political office, please have them visit our website (www.billybarepockets.com) so we can get to work helping them get elected.

We are not affiliated with any political… Continue

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23% Tomato or 30% Tomato

Question: I did some math. We believe that there is an embedded cost of 22% in the cost of everything that we buy. That means that by enacting the fair tax a $100 item would cost around $78. A Sales tax rate of 23% of that 78$ would leave the final price at $95.94. Thats a $4.06 drop in price even with the fair tax. Am I wrong?

This is an example used to explain the 23% tomato or 30% tomato. I did the math and here is the controversy. If you divide 77 dollars by 23 you get a round… Continue

Added by Josh Gregg on July 22, 2009 at 12:47pm — 2 Comments

Prepare for the highest tax hike in American history!

In case anyone has not looked at the actual bill for Cap & Trade, here it is: http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/D?c111:4:./temp/~c111XhBjEG::

Now, you should know that Al Gore will make BILLIONS from this, so will GE and NBC and the UN! This is how deep the corruption of politics in our nation concerning our tax dollars go:… Continue

Added by Jane Haas on July 15, 2009 at 1:30am — 3 Comments

Help Building up for the meeting!!!

Regarding the meeting on july 23rd, I have compiled a list of numbers for myself to contact and invite to the fair tax meeting. I encourage you all to contact the richland county republicans, the shelby, ohio club democratand the richland county democrats and give them a reason on why they should hear about the fair tax. I eed as much help as I can get.

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Presenting the fair tax

Recentlly met with a hostory professor at my college campus. After my conversation with him, I felt that we have a good start towards establishing afair tax coilition in ontario and shelby.In the fall He willallow one of our representatives to comeinto his class,give an explanation of what the fair tax is and debate the appossing view and answer the questions posed by students afterwords. This is an awesomeoppertunity and it will be our chance to generate interest for the fair tax on campus… Continue

Added by Josh Gregg on June 11, 2009 at 2:28pm — 3 Comments

Who would like an oppertunity?

As many of you know, I will be sharing the fair tax with a group of shelby citizens this satarday and I hope that It will be a start towards building a coilition in shelby, ohio. I will be making an appointment to meet with the shelby newspaper editor today and I hope that I will be able to convince her to at least allow a publishing of the fair tax point of view.

The Shelby memorial library staff has told me that the library offers conference room reservations at no cost and the… Continue

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Why Michigan’s Tea Parties Should Unite Behind Replacing MI’s Income Tax with the MI FairTax

We, the people of Michigan, are alarmed, and we have taken to the streets because of what we sense is the loss of proper respect and service by those we’ve sent to Lansing (and Washington) to represent US! However, unless our Michigan Tea Parties can channel energy into a vehicle of concrete action, the past century has shown us that we’re likely to continue to proceed down the path to less freedom, fewer liberties, less economic opportunity, more taxes, and larger… Continue

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Fair Tax-being active

WOW! For those of you who were not able to attend the tea parties or watch the coverage of them (as minimal as it was) you missed something great. What I found that was the most interesting point made in the coverage of the tea parties was Shaun Hannity's interview with Joe the Plummer, Mike Huckabee and Neal Bortz. He asked "So do you think that what we're seeing tonight maybe is the spark, the proposition 13 that ignites the fire that Americans say, we're not going to take it anymore and… Continue

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Rossville, GA FairTax Rally

I just wanted to remind everyone that we are holding a FairTax demonstration at the Rossville post office in Rossville, Georgia on this Wednesday, April 15, 2009.

If you are in the immediate area and can stop by at all, even if only your lunch break, we'd certainly value your help...especially since, thus far, my two eldest sons (ages 15 and 12) and I are the only participants.

But, guess what? We are going to do it anyway!

I also have a request in to a friend… Continue

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Send a FairTax Tea Bag to Washington

There has been a lot of noise made recently about sending tea bags to Washington to express our growing concerns about unfair and exorbitant taxes. While I think this is a great idea in theory it is not very practical. For one thing the tea bags will likely not get past the security measures at the Post Office, and for another you would be paying yet another tax in the form of postage to get it there.

Here is the next best thing to inundating our… Continue

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The Individual leaders

Ronald Reagan once said "All great change in America begins at the dinner table." He was a man well known for his quick wit and humor that connected him to a broad audience. There isn't a single polititian in history that I agree with 100%. If I agreed with them 100% then they are not polititians, they are angles. Without getting into a long history about the Reagan presidency, we can all learn something from his emphasis on the individual. If you believed that government could handle your… Continue

Added by Josh Gregg on April 3, 2009 at 2:15pm — 1 Comment

Two FairTax Letters Published!

Well, I was very excited two weeks ago, when I got my first FairTax letter to the editor published in my local county paper (Walker County Messenger) here in northwest Georgia, but...

I was doubly excited when I got my second FairTax letter to the editor published just five days later in the Chattanooga Times-Free Press, a paper with a much larger circulation!

I have finished reading The FairTax Book and am almost finished reading FairTax: The Truth, and I am determined to… Continue

Added by Chris Long on March 22, 2009 at 7:29pm — 3 Comments

My Reaction To Representative Steve King's Presentation of the Fair Tax to Congress

First, I think that Congressman King presented himself well in his speech. Since the average attention span is about 15 minutes, after which the viewer zooms out temporarily it is important to capture and keep the attention of viewers. Steve King allotted time for Congressman John Linder and other Fair Tax co sponsors. Each segmant was short and gave a differing viewpoint. Good Job Congressman!

Second, the Fair Tax was presented in an appealing light to low income and middle class… Continue

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FairTax Letter Text Published

OK, many of you have been waiting, as I have for my letter to the editor of our local paper to appear online.

Well, wouldn't ya know it...They printed it in the paper, but not online thus far. So, I have decided to post it here and get on with it.

My hope is that it will inspire others to do the same in their local publications. Hopefully the events of late has awakened the sleeping giant of the American people because we are not willing to let the Liberals, Socialists,… Continue

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Note to reader: The Fair Tax will need a change in the constitution because amendments changed taxes to the income tax system. It must be changed to allow a consumption tax. A constitutional convention can be called by Congress or by 2/3 of the states legislatures. I believe it will be easier to convince the many heartland states rather than the congress. While I was working on this proposal Mr. Boortz spoke on his radio show about a discusssion he had with Congressman Linder regarding… Continue

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Stay away from me unless you pass my litmus test

One of the major problems with idealists is that they either get everything or they nothing. For example, an idealist might refuse to support a candidate or special interest group unless there is a component in their activity that supports cutting a Government budget by 90%. When he does not get everything that he wants, he ignores all political support of potentially useful ideas. The problem with this approach is that much needed idealists become impotent because their idealism never leads to… Continue

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Why Washington Hates the FairTax

Opposition to the FairTax is bi-partisan in Washington. While most co-sponsors are Republican, those supporting the FairTax represent a minority of Republican Members. Eight years of majority rule by Republicans did not see the FairTax enacted. The majority party in Congress, Democrats, have been even less moved by the potential of the FairTax.

It's human, not ideological. The FairTax takes away from Congress power over the tax code. The ability to grant favors to supplicants-- paid… Continue

Added by Ken Hoagland on February 23, 2009 at 9:00am — 6 Comments

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