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Help name our April 15 event!

We need creative FairTaxers to help us come up with a name for our FairTax event in Washington DC on April 14, 15, & 16.

The week of April 14 to April 19 is going to be a big week for citizen action in DC and FairTax is going to be in the lead. We need a name to use for our event. Something that someone who knows nothing about the FairTax may see the name and say -- gee I would like to attend that event!

This is a very tentative idea of what we would like to do in DC… Continue

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National Spokesman or National Spokesmen team?

In discussing a National Spokesman with many of you, the idea has arisen that a team of spokesmen may be preferable. We need a very visible presence in the media and it may be more effective the have a team economists, CPAs, parents, etc. available to speak to the issues surrounding the FairTax. For example if the subject is small business - a small business owner may be our best spokesman.

What do you think?

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Where do we go from here?

Thank you to all of the many volunteers who donated their time, talents and money to make all of the FairTax events below possible!

*CPAC - Conservative Political Action Conference www.cpac.org DC

*College Republican National Committee Convention http://www.crnc.org/register-2009-convention DC

*National Taxpayers Union Event http://www.ntu.org/main/ DC

*Midwest FairTax Rally http://www.midwestrally.com/ MO

*Netroots Nation… Continue

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Grassroots Events PA, Netroots, Right Online and more...

If you have been watching C-SPAN this past weekend, you would have seen programing from two very important events in Pittsburgh, PA -- Netroots, a conference of left leaning bloggers, and Right Online, a conference of right leaning bloggers. FairTax was, and needed to be, at both events.

I attended the Netroots event and I can report we were warmly received. We had a few "I am not interested" and two who were concerned we were a right wing organization because Mike Huckabee endorsed… Continue

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GA Republican Party endorses the FairTax!

This year's GOP State Convention was held in the Convention Center in Savannah, Georgia. Supplies and banners were brought in by Lyn Williamson, 4th DD and setup of the booth was THE prime location for all delegates and attendees to come by our booth. In addition, we were flanked by the two top contenders for next year's governors race, Karen Handel and John Oxendine. Cong. John Linder along with other elected officials came by on Friday and Saturday during the convention which also had Herman… Continue

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Important Midwest Rally Travel Information

Travel information for everyone who would like to plan on attending the Midwest Rally


1. Food will be available from 8 am through the evening. Banks and Shane will be performing starting around 4 pm and will continue until people are gone...they said they will play till 10 pm if folks are lovin' it!!! I think that most will be exausted by that time, but who knows???

2. Hotel -- Block of rooms at the Hilton Garden Inn 1 mile from the… Continue

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FairTax booth opportunities for 2009

Our first event, CPAC, in February was a complete success as we simply lost count of the number of activists we were able to talk to about the FairTax.

We have more great opportuntitis, with your support, we would like to have a FairTax booth at these also:

June 4-7 College Republican National Committee Biennial Convention

Renaissance Marriot Hotel, Washington D.C.

Cost $800 plus materials


June 11-13 National Taxpayers… Continue

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We need FairTax volunteers at tea party rallies to educate about the FairTax

FairTaxers don't get mad -- we get busy. FairTax is the best solution to the economic mess we are currently experiencing. We need people at tea party events to distribute FairTax information and ask for petition signatures.

Tea Parties are being organized by American Solutions.

To find a tea party near you go to: http://www.taxdayteaparty.com/

Remember FairTax is a single issue (FairTax Act, HR 25) nonpartisan… Continue

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A FairTax Phenomenon by John Collet

Brother and Sister FairTax Supporters

It is 1:30 Saturday, 2/28 and I am recovering from one of the most delightful shocks of my life. This morning Kansas City experienced one of the worst blizzards I have ever seen in this city. By 8:00 AM some parts of the areas had 5 inches on the ground and it was increasing in intensity.

Earl Long, KS SD, and I thought it would be impossible to have an out door rally that anticipated a mile walk from the starting point to MO Senator… Continue

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Terry Savage on the FairTax -- Chicago Sun Times


Where the money meets the mouth

THE SAVAGE TRUTH | Obama talked a good game to get his $787 billion, but reality may differ from the rhetoric

February 16, 2009

TERRY SAVAGE savage@suntimes.com

You can't spend rhetoric. Especially empty rhetoric. President Obama was eloquent trying to sell his economic stimulus program to the American public in Elkhart,… Continue

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New Tax Proposal Would Abolish IRS in Lieu of ‘Fair Tax’ System -- American Free Press story

New Tax Proposal Would Abolish IRS in Lieu of ‘Fair Tax’ System


REP. JOHN LINDER (R-Ga.) has introduced legislation which would end the income tax and abolish the IRS and replace them with a state-administered sales tax on all goods and services. The bill, titled the Fair Tax Act of 2009 (HR 25), already has 44 cosponsors and has been referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.

In a… Continue

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FairTax Editorial written by Congressman John Linder, sponsor of the FairTax Bill

Congressman Linder requests our help in distributing his editoral below to your local media and national media

Is it time for the FairTax?

When they see a problem – immigration, energy, or a collapse of the credit markets – politicians step forward and announce, “We must do SOMETHING!”

That part is a given. What is not a given is what SOMETHING is. And, alas, it comes down to whatever the majority party in the House and in the Senate decides it will… Continue

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Boortz Project On FairTax Nation -- A Grassroots idea

Hi Marilyn,

I enjoyed talking to you earlier today about how to implement our Boortz project now that the "Local Leaders" section of the website is expected to be down for quite some time.

As I mentioned to you Doug Dash, my wife Carol, & I were planning to personally contact (preferrably by telephone) local leaders in areas where The Neal Boortz Radio Program is not heard to see if we could generate interest in FairTax supporters contacting radio stations to see if… Continue

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