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At 9:20pm on April 22, 2009, Brenda Janssen said…
by the way...my baby daughter (now a beautiful 20 yo college student) was born in Akron. We were in Ohio for 7 years!
At 9:19pm on April 22, 2009, Brenda Janssen said…
Thank you Nancy! It was awesome, and they asked if I would come back. Well, DUH!! Hope I get a little more notice next time...just 2 days and I do have a JOB too!! You are right...we HAVE to get this passed and I feel like this is part of what God wants me to do. So your prayers are much appreciated. BTW, you might be able to go check the chat log for 3-4pm today on FTN chat. There were several people listening :-).
At 9:47am on April 22, 2009, Josh Gregg said…
Thank you very much for your prayers. I have a peace and a joy that I have been blessed with. I will always miss her, but I won't grieve. She should be grieving for me. She is up there kicking up gold dust and eating fried chicken with Moses and Abraham while I am still here. HAHAHA... If it is ok with you... Can you email me back and let me know if I can call you tonight after 9 because I am out of minutes , but I can call after nine. Maybe then we can get everything straightened out.
At 10:41am on April 16, 2009, Jim Tomasik said…
We need to encourage more right thinking Dems to speak up.

Glad you had a good time up ther in Ohio. Iremember a little while back when FairTax was barely alive up there (like here).
At 7:35am on April 15, 2009, Chris Long said…
Nancy, thanks for the words of encouragement. Regretfully, I will not be holding the FairTax rally at our post office due to weather and quite honestly, lack of interest.

I am not letting this get me down though. I told my boys that we would still do one when the weather gets better. Whether tax day or not, the Rossville post office location is at a very highly trafficked intersection, so it will definitely spread awareness, regardless of the day.
At 11:35am on April 14, 2009, Dave Sibole said…
If confronted I would just suggest asking them where you can stand and follow their directive and hope they will cooperate.
At 10:51am on April 14, 2009, Dave Sibole said…
You should be ok following AFFT's guidelines. As long as you are not on their property. They can't really say anything. If anyone confronts you just ask them where they would like for you to stand.
At 8:53pm on April 13, 2009, Marilyn Rickert said…
If you want an ID badge that is a good idea. Perhaps you will want business cards too. It is your choice.

At 4:52pm on April 13, 2009, Marilyn Rickert said…
I received your Confidentiality Agreement today!!! So you are now an official Community Coordinator.

At 10:29am on April 13, 2009, Marilyn Rickert said…
Hi Nancy!

Great minds think alike! One of the projects we are working on is to get more materials easily available for download on FTN. I will send you an email of the materials I have been sending out to those who ask.

At 3:54pm on April 10, 2009, Paul Hoffman said…
Sorry Nancy i ran out of space on the friend request then I found this avenue to contact you. After the other necessary information we simply say Please join us to learn more. Good luck with your efforts in Columbus.
At 7:42pm on April 9, 2009, Terry R Cushman said…
Still looking for a la Crosse WI or Winona MN rally, will be there, where ever there is. I expect the usual crowd of paid protesters to try something, we just have to Identify and embaress or film and counter. Working conservatives and paid protesters should be easy to seperate
At 8:15am on April 8, 2009, Barbara Wilson said…
Congrats, Nancy!
I am proud of you, you just grabbed the bull by the horns and went for it... you go Girl!!!
If there is any thing I can do to help, please let me know.
At 5:31pm on April 7, 2009, Steve Curtis said…
Unfotunately, I will be in Cleveland and Lison that day. Hopefully, we'll have a chance to meet some other time.
At 4:24pm on April 7, 2009, Marilyn Rickert said…
Excellent! OH is building a great organization. Soon FairTax will be a FairTax state! (Actually it already is - just that most people don't know it yet)

At 4:09pm on April 7, 2009, Marilyn Rickert said…
Thanks for becoming a CC! You can fax it to me at

or mail it to me at:
IL Fair Tax
P.O. Box 808
Oak Forest, IL 60452

If you need anything else, just let me know!
At 1:10pm on April 7, 2009, Terry R Cushman said…
thankyou, what is the site?
At 12:39pm on April 7, 2009, Dave Sibole said…
I think a lot of the post office events they call the post office ahead. I know we have already contacted the Cincinnati Post Office. They just told us we couldn't impede traffic of people wanting to enter the Post office. And we had to do it on the sidewalk. One of the forms on here has some guildelines for what to do and what not to do. Pretty much just common sense though. So a call wouldn't hurt anything.
At 12:37pm on April 7, 2009, Terry R Cushman said…
Right place, maybe, how do you search through the info to find pertinant local info? Are there parts to this site for that? I am not much of a geek, I don't surf, but I am a worker, and a make things happen, effective person. I can give speaches off cuff, and debate well. Now how do I contact a geek or complimentary assisting person in my location to make a difference.
At 10:17am on April 7, 2009, Patty S Ewing said…
Dear Nancy,
I wish I could go but I'm not sure I could survive the walk. I have feet and let problems. Not bad enough for wheel chair but I limit my trips to what I know I can handle. My problems stem form chemo and diabetes. I could go to a library but I just wouldn't want to tackle a fair. Thanks anyway. I'll do anything I can from home and surrounds.

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