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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25


Would you be willing to join me on behalf of my state and all FairTax Supporters in it to send as many "The FairTax Book" & "FairTax the Truth CDs" to as many Presidential Candidates?

Can we have some of these sets in candidates hands BEFORE the October 28?

Please Contact me here, via LL 509-586-7124, cell 509-628-6876, email NoMoreIRS@aol.com


GO FairTax,

Jamie Wheeler!!!

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What's your plan to do that?


Here in WA we have a small slush fund that should enable us to get out at least 5, but am also starting to ask people if they would be willing to make a donation to help get this information into the hands of the candidates.

For $20 we can get the book, the audio and S&H.

Each book and CD needs to be signed "on behalf of the FairTax Supporters from ___________________ State.

The book duo to the Huckabee campaign needs to have a BIG *****THANK YOU**** for defending and promoting the FairTax! 

I'll be asking other FairTax  supporters in other states to join us and posting the addresses of the Candidates we've shipped the FT Book Duo to.

Gooooo FAIRTAX!!!

Who are the candidates in WA that you want to provide the books to? Are you looking at Congressional Races or more? Yeah, It was nice to hear Huck talk about the Fair Tax. There was another candidate after that that mentioned both the Fair and Flat Tax in a positive way. Can't remember who that was, maybe Trump or Carson? At least there is more than one that may be open to the info on the Fair Tax.

Consider a letter writing campaign to go along with the Books! Either include them with the book OR try to get all the WA people to send a letter, email and phone call to each candidate they are sent to letting them know to expect it and that a followup email will follow in 2 weeks or so... We didi  the same thing with the Agenda 21 book "Behind the Green Mask."

Right now looking at the Presidential Candidates and in the spring the Congressional! At the congressional level the letters and phone calls would most likely be the best, but thought the book duo to the presidential candidates would be the most impressive....with a HUGE THANK YOU TO HUCKABEE in his books.


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