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I have been notified by the Tax Foundation that on April 2, 2013, they will announce the date of the 2013 Tax Freedom Day. This announcement always generates a lot of media coverage. So it's a great opportunity for us to get the FairTax into the sidebars around the many Tax Freedom Day stories that will be all over the news on that day.

The term sidebar is an old press term that has carried over into broadcast and internet news. Newspapers would cover a major story and then include a box on the side (the sidebar) that would contain a short blurb about some related story. This has translated into television and radio news, in the form of the short blurb about a related story, that you hear just before going to a commercial break. On the internet, it's either a visible sidebar, just as in a newspaper, or a link to related stories at the end of the article.

In particular, getting mentioned in one of the television or radio news sidebars is more important that it may seem. That's because those sidebars are often the last thing that the listener hears, before going to commercial. Viewers tend to continue thinking about the last thing that they heard, before hitting the mute button. Sure, not everyone hits the mute button. But those who do hear about the FairTax, just before hitting the mute button will have time to digest what they just heard. That's why getting mentioned in these sidebars is very important.

It's critical that we get our FairTax-oriented Tax Freedom Day talking points ready, before April 2. As for myself, I've already prepared letters to the editor, news articles and blog posts for that day that are only missing the details that are to be announced on that day. As soon as the Tax Foundation makes the new data known, I'll fill in the blanks in those prepared documents and blast them out to all the media outlets, as well as posting articles and blog entries around the internet. I've also composed several 140 character or less tweets, that are only missing the date of the new Tax Freedom Day.

The Tax Freedom Day announcement is a great opportunity that we should use as a springboard, to promote the FairTax to those who don't know what it is. Get your talking points ready. Prepare your blog posts and tweets. Then be ready on April 2, to fill in the blanks and blast away.

By the way, based on last year's Tax Freedom Day, you still have to work 22 more days this year, before you will have earned enough to pay all of your taxes for the year. Of course, after the upcoming announcement, that number will probably be increased somewhat significantly - especially the Deficit-Included Tax Freedom Day, which could move well into June.

Check out the Tax Freedom Day Clock at http://therichdontpaytax.com/blog/?page_id=205 

It's a flash web widget that counts down the months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds till Tax Freedom Day. That clock will be updated to the new date, within minutes after the Tax Foundation announcement.

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