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I listen to Lou Dobbs on CNN and find his thinking to be in line with mine when it comes to taxes. This evening he had a guest, who said something along the lines of - we need to come up with a better tax system. How can we get intellectuals like this to recognize the Fair Tax for what it is? A better tax system. All the effort to gain support for the Fair Tax seems to takesplace in the south of the USA. I don't see any effort to get the message to the rest of the country, except for the very few of us who are out gettign petitions signed to have our representative support HR 25.

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Missed that one. Was there at one time a petition drive? Since I have become a member here, I have talked to people at my work and asked, if they have heard of the Fair Tax plan, most say no. Now my question to you, if the public is unaware how can you expect someone to sign a petition?
Signing up here equates to signing a petition. We feel very strongly that this site is getting the attention of and being followed by people in "high places."

Dave Sibole

Here is how I look at it;

We need to gather the ones who have already shown support of the FairTax and then move very quickly into a teaching phase to gain the uneducated.

We will do better to join our ranks and do this on a national scale.

There have been over 1 million people sign the AFFT petitions already in the past 10 years, or so I'm told.

Of course, that is 1 person in 330 people that live in our country. So, yes, if you walk out on to the street you are 330 times more likely to meet someone who is not familliar with it or who does not like it.

Getting 50,000 people who like FairTax already to join together is a lot easier to do than to go teach 50,000 new supporters and get them to join. Both things are required but the second is easier with the help of the first.

Where is AFFT in the coordination of the effort? They do, after all, (I presume) have the petitions...

The sales guy in me would call those petition names "hot leads."
We had a petition signing across from the Pasco post office last year. I have discussed the Fair Tax with friends, and people I see from time to time. I give them the baics of the Fair Tax plan, the link to fairtax.org and obtain the signatures thereafater. My neighbors also signed up.
I write to my senators and congressman each month. I write letters to the editors almost every month.
We should be having a petition signing at the Richland Wal-Mart this year.
I also bought four of the Fair Tasx books and distributed them to folks.
we need to advertise, guerilla style. Make some noise. Petitions don't make noise. Take the Truth campaign for instance. They do a great job getting their message across. We need press.
Our petitions are intended to get our congressman to support HR 25.
Do you think the press is going to investigate the Fair Tax and report on its benefits? Or will they continue to regurgitate what the political class spew as real tax change? Like giving everyone a tax rebate. That really helped the economy as did the original bail out.
Don't forget everyone that there are videos out there advertising the FairTax.

FairTaxHub.com for instance as well as FairTax Jack on youtube.
The only reason these aren't on TV is because we don't have the funds to do so.

Send these to your friends, co-workers and family asking if they've heard of the FairTax.
You can also ask that they send them on for others to watch also and get the word out.

I'll hopefully have the FairTax Infomercial ready soon to add to the list of videos out there
I'm in the SouthEast and 90% of the people I talk to in my town don't know what the FairTax is. Our project is aimed at everyone knowing what it is, here, and in the lower 48 states in the summer of 2010, just before the next elections.

Please check out www.grassrootsfreedomride.com to see what our program is. We're online, but our real work takes place meeting people where they are, not just here, but wherever we have biking FairTax supporters who actually want to get out there and recruit.

We just completed our first ride and event and found we have a great, fun, easily promotable vehicle for bringing FairTax to where people are - even if it is just reading their local newspaper (check out my blog posted as 'advertising for Fairtax' hadn't seen this one of nearly the same name). The intellectuals will catch up when Joe Sixpack knows what the FairTax is and insists on it!
Try listening to this idiot.

Wow!! How do these people get elected?


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