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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I listen to Lou Dobbs on CNN and find his thinking to be in line with mine when it comes to taxes. This evening he had a guest, who said something along the lines of - we need to come up with a better tax system. How can we get intellectuals like this to recognize the Fair Tax for what it is? A better tax system. All the effort to gain support for the Fair Tax seems to takesplace in the south of the USA. I don't see any effort to get the message to the rest of the country, except for the very few of us who are out gettign petitions signed to have our representative support HR 25.

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You've hit the nail on the head here. Why is Glenn Beck not talking about this? Rush Limbaugh has not really addressed it. The only time I heard him talk about it was to say, "...politically, I don't think we can get it done." He wasn't philosophically against it, though. Bill O'Reilly. NPR. (I know... but this is a non-partisan idea right?) Why don't we target all of the guys (and gals) with big radio and TV audiences. Anyone open to an intelligent debate should be willing to listen. Gina B. is right: We need press. Who and how can we get someone on one of these shows?
I recently read two articles about the federal tax. One article was written by Chris Edwards for the Washington Post. It discussed the problems with Daschle, Rangel, Geithner and Killefer not being able to comply with the tax code. The other article was written by Humberto Cruz for Tribune Media Services. The article was titled "Tax law changes drive more Americans to paid preparers".
I will be emailing these gentlemen and ask why they haven't included the Fair Tax as a remedy for the situations they put forth in their articles.
Maybe a host of emails to AskHumberto@aol.com and cedwards@cato.org would prompt them to write a positive article about the Fair Tax.


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