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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Fred Shimp from Congressman Jordan's office called me today. They are very interested in hearing feedback from Tuesday night's Fair Tax presentation.

People should call and leave a message for Fred or speak to him personally, or email, or write. They want 2 or 3 bullet points regarding the appeal of Fair Tax from individuals and business owners. Fred is tracking this information. This is extremely important so please contact him.

Contact info: Congressman Jim Jordan
24 West 3rd Street, Rm. 314
Mansfield, OH 44902
Attn. Fred Shimp
Phone: 419-522-5757

Fred Shimp was also very interested in Voices of Liberty and asked if we had a website. I directed him to our meetup website. He expressed appreciation and states they are very encouraged to see citizens becoming involved. They plan to check our site periodically to become more aware of the issues that concern us. Needless to say, I post Fair Tax news there.

I can't stress strongly enough how vital this is and how imperative it is that all conservatives in district 4 join the Voices of Liberty 912 Marion website at meetup.com and be heard. Join us today!

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