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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Boortz has lost his "Priest" hood.  After all of the work he has put in to talking about, writing about the FairTax, today he has turned coat into a 9-9-9 advocate.  Oh yeh, it's a bridge to the FairTax.  BS! Herman Cain has been promoting this garbage and all it is doing is dividing the FairTax efforts.  He won't accept that giving congress an income tax at the same time as a sales tax is feeding them... exactly what they want.  He won't accept that any tax relief, whether under 9-9-9, a Flat Tax or any temporary tax change (remember President Reagan's changes?  How long did they last?) will be enough to take the pressure off getting the FairTax passed.  We'll lose years of work and supporters.  Again, exactly what congress would like to see.  They can wait us out because they know the American spirit isn't strong enough to continue the fight.  They will continue to milk the system for their benefit. It is pathetic that Cain is selling his endorsement to congressional and local candidates in return for supporting 9-9-9.  Joe the Plumber an example of that.  Think about it, if a person who was a candidate advocating the FairTax foregoes it for 9-9-9 or any other tax plan in exchange for an endorsement, doesn't that say that candidate can be bought?  Exactly what Marco Rubio did when Dick Armey agreed to endorse him.  Bye-bye FairTax, hello Flat Tax. Cain has no influence as a talking head with congress.  As President he had the bully pulpit and may have transitioned 9-9-9 to the FairTax.  But now he will not be in that position.  And to have Neal Boortz going to Washington to talk about 9-9-9 being a transition to the FairTax is incredibly sick. 

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Larry, there is a way to defeat this but we need to work together in a stealth manner.

Jim, What do you have in mind? I,m with Robert on the Prevent 999 idea, but we also need to concentrate our efforts on pro-FairTax ideas.

I agree with Jim. What we need to do right now is continue to educate people on the cons of the 9-9-9 plan. We should have a "Prevent 9-9-9" group on here to help with that education.

Then if there is a way, don't keep it a secret.  Otherwise it is just hollow rhetoric.  Keep it stealth enough and no one does anything.

How about everyone writing Boortz immediately to let him know he needs to learn the FairTax better.  Then he won't be making invalid statements and promoting useless tax legislation like 9-9-9 while destroying all of the work he and we have put into the FairTax.

How about we support Candidates that will support Fair Tax, build our numbers and then flex our muscle!  The name of this game is numbers...because they mean votes!  A single man or woman cannot bring us down or raise us up!  Our strength is in our numbers!

We are left with but one choice.  FIGHT!!!

I am so disgusted with Herman Cain and his 9-9-9 that I wish I had the money WASTED on his campaign.  Note to self made and it will NOT me made again!!  ZERO $$$ will come from me for ANY presidential candidate!

WE could start an ad campaign of why 9-9-9 when we could have 0-0-0 by passing the FAIRTAX bill currently in congress.  FairTax would make the US the #1 place in the world to locate a business instead of

the #1 place in the world for HIGHEST corporate taxes.

It goes without saying that we should support candidates that ADVOCATE the FairTax.  But more than that now, we need to do what we can to inform everyone that no form of income tax is acceptable and especially when combined with a sales tax too. It should be understood that after this Presidential election the tide may well start to swing back to the liberal side.  Should that happen we are 6 - 10 years from getting the FairTax high on the consideration list again.  Do you want to wait that long?  Are we able to work harder now to make it happen in 2012? Womans Suffrage took the grass roots 72 years.  They didn't have the communications tools we have today.  We should not settle on the next decade for passage.  Too much is at stake for our nation.


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