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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Bruce Olsen, Libertarian candidate for Governor of Arizona supports the FairTax!

Clipped from the FairTax/Tax Reform group on Smart Girl Politics...

"I am running for Governor here in Arizona, I am a proud supporter of the Fair Tax, . I got into a debate with Steve Forbes in Las Vegas this summer about the Fair tax vs. the Flat Tax nonsense,. He lost I won,.. end of story.
my web site is www.bruceolsen4gov.com, blog site is www.thearizonasentinel.com , check it out
And thanks for putting this together Jamie"

Mr. Olsen looks like a shoot-from-hip straight talking kind of guy. I'm sure he'll find a lot of support amongst FairTaxers and the TEA Party folks.

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This past week we were in Mohave and Lapaz county Arizona. Collecting signatures for my run for Governor here in Arizona. In person and on the phone , we discussed many issues, like bio diesel production in rural Arizona and the Fair Tax. There is some confusion out here among many, the differences between the Fair and Flat Tax. Im proud to say that at least now, with those I talked to , there is no longer any confusion. The key words are "Final Point of Sale" or IRS. The number Ive been using and promoting is 12%. And here is why. Some are suggesting 18 to 23% that being what we would need to support the existing size of government.

Our economy is in the tank, and the tank is sinking. Therefore, I believe we must demand , that at all levels of government , we must shrink the size of governments. We are facing another residential housing dump and commercial properties are being boarded up all over the country with no end in sight. So its time for governments to go on a diet.

As long as this current occupant of the White House is there. And as long as the Fed keeps interest rates artificially low, we will see no improvement in the private economy. Baby Boomers are sitting on their cash or investing in Wall Street , which does nothing for main street. Until those folks can see a decent rate of return at their local community banks that wont change.

I do not see the Fed changing policy any time soon. And here is one reason why. As long as mortgage rates remain at ridiculously low rates. Your mortgage interest rate deductions on your 1040 will remain at low levels. Thus your AGI goes up and therefore the income tax that taxpayers pay to the IRS goes up , resulting in more money to the treasury from taxpayers. For those of you that do your own taxes and are still paying a mortgage. Compare what your tax bill is with a 4.5% loan as compared to a 7 or 8% loan. You will soon see why this is at least one reason the fed is keeping its rate at the discount window below 2%. At the end of the day. Here is a question I always asked myself. Who would I rather give my money to , a banker or the IRS? And here is why. Have your ever tried to borrow money from the IRS? "Keep your local banker happy", was always my moto.

My pappy used to tell me . Son , as long as you can borrow money below 10% and the rate is deductible,home mortgage,commercial property, or equipment, you need to own the money. Of course that was before Rangle/Dodd and Clinton repealed Glass Steagell in 1999.

Its Sunday, Im home and thought I'd share some of my thoughts with all of you.



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