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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Why didn't CNBC include Fair Tax in their poll about tax reform?  Is it possible they are a little biast, or just don't understand?

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Do you have a link?
Jim, I believe this is the site of the CNBC poll Rodney is talking about.

> Another fixed survey. The people responsible for these are out to maintain the status quo. We need to extend our efforts to educate people in this country as to the benefits of the FairTax
We have seen, time after time, how these polls "conveniently" leave out the option for the FairTax and the explanation for this is quite simple - they know the FairTax would be the hands down winner and they don't dare go anywhere near it.

Based on the few responses I read, those voting in this poll just don't have a clue about what they are saying. You can ultimately expect the results to proclaim that Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of a flat tax or whatever tax they think is the "right" fix. I don't think will come as a surprise to anyone.

Still, it sure does show what we are up against.
Biased...and if they stated the Flat Tax, UNIFORMED...because the Flat Tax isn't even a bill, just an idea. UGH!!


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