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Hello all,

I stumbled across a group called the Independence Caucus. They have a plan that involves what they call the National Sales Tax. It sounds just like the FairTax with the only exception I can discern being that they want to keep the IRS as a government watchdog to keep an eye on federal spending.

Are there any other differences I don't know of?

Ross Burton

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i wonder if they are aware that there are already many "spending watchdogs" public and private.
Whether Independence Caucus realizes there are already spending watchdogs or not, there's a perverse pleasure in imagining the IRS, the agency that has terrorized us for decades, being sent after the bastard politicians that caused this mess.
It is an attractive blog. A lot of work went into presenting the information. However, there is no contact information anywhere on the site. It is good that there are different versions of eliminating the income tax and there are people who are willing to put their time into promoting the this abolition. However, they should be contacted and asked to support Fair Tax in addition to their own efforts. Because of it's size and organization, Fair Tax offers a much better chance of eliminating the income than any of the other fringe ideas. We need to get them on Board.
This is FTN member Carol Mcleans favored site. She knows a lot about it and has talked highly of it on FTN several times.
There is a contact form as well as a signup page.
They are just forms though, no POC's listed.

You are right, we need to join forces on this. I have been wondering if the independence caucus folks changed the name of the FairTax to the NST to dodge the "Conservative/Republican" label that has been applied to us by opponents in an attempt to unfairly polarize the issue.


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