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Hello All,
I have been thinking about the upcoming elections and was wondering if
we could gather a list of local, state, and federal candidates who are
Fairtax advocates and post them on the Fairtax website.  I know we
cannot endorse any candidates but can't we at least list those who
support it much like the Co-sponsors of the bill?  I know there is a
special election in Georgia coming up on May 11th and North Carolina's
primaries will be held on May 4th.  No time to lose!  What are your

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The Central FairTax group is setting up individual groups for each Congressional District. I started the Florida Dist 24 Group. Once the qualifying period is over and we have a good list of candidates, I will prepare a list of each persons contact information and their stated position on the Fair Tax. I have been in contact with most if not all of them and I am just waiting to see who qualifies. We could have as many as 17 people running for the D-24 seat.

Anyone from the District should join the group. Anyone who learns of any appearance of any of the candidates should post that event.

We would also like any links to information about the candidates to be posted in the group discussion area.
Great idea & we had a bit of discussion about this very thing during Storm the Hill. We need to have a place for each candidate to be listed...maybe each STATE group here on FTN can have a discussion about it...or list names and where they stand. This legislation should be FRONT & CENTER!!!
Please notice that Herman Cain is for the FairTax, and may run for President. Check out FTR Radio interviews Herman Cain at the SRLC on You Tube. About 9:20 into the video he talks about the FairTax. He also features it on his website!


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