Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

We have about 400 ducking, dodging targets in our cross hairs. We will take careful aim.

Wake up all of you sleepy FairTaxers! We've got a lot of work to do and I've got a plan to get it done!

Jim Tomasik

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Pls share the plan
What's the strategy and where are we at in this?
WE are actually doing fairly well with what we have done so far.

We are closing in on our August 30th goal well ahead of schedule. We are working on a way to upload the membership lists from the FairTaxNation efforts at booths ect t obe reflected on the site.

Washington State and North Carolina are becoming FairTaxNation strongholds so we need to tie the two together.

The MO rally will be a big boost for us as well.

We need to have 15,000 or so members on here by the end of the year to stay on track.

We still have a WHOLE lot of work to do in weaker states.
I just found out, there are 17,300 members of the face book fairtax group. I just posted an invitation to all to join Fairtaxnation
I hope you have better luck than I've had at luring them here. But I keep trying.
Remember that some people join facebook groups for different reasons.

FTN is about doing something more more than playing on the internet.
Good job! We need them here. I don't do face book or my space or any of the other sites like that. Showing my age. I came here looking for a way to help get the Fair Tax passed and I think I came to the right place, by George!

I believe we need at least one central place where can come together to network and provide a more cohesive base, and this seems to be the place.
I'm still looking for a meeting, where there are real people, in the San Antonio area. I've been wearing a FairTax had and golf shirt for over 6 mos. now. I've had ONE comment. I'm overwhelmed!
Peter Locke

Well all I can say is that you have to start somewhere. Have you looked into setting up a FairTax meeting at the local library or something? Put out some flyers at the political party gatherings in your city and get a few folks to join you.

TX has a LOT of FairTaxers.

Look at what Jamie Wheeler has done in Washington state (of all places). She started here on FTN with two people in her entire state and she did not even know who the other one was.

She forced things to happen.

Here in my area, I have been working for over 2 years with little help. At the Memphis TEA party I got involved and was able to talk about FairTax from the stage. We had over 60 locals join FTN on that day alone and several more have come on after that.

We need someone to step up and step out in San Antonio Texas. TAG, you're it!
Peter, I too have my first meeting sched. for tomorrow night. There are no meetings around here, Marion, Ohio, so I guessed it was up to me to get it started.

I met Barbara Wilson here at FTN and she has been terrific at helping me to get going. She lives three hours away, but through this site, phone calls, and emails, she has provided tips and resources for me. I've met with her once in person.

Have you contacted Fair Tax.org by email or by phone? They may know of some leaders in TX that can mentor you the way Barb is mentoring me. If not, drop Barb a line here on FTN. She's full of good stuff. Or call Marilyn Rickert. You can find her info on the Ohio groups site here.

I feel as if we're on the very brink of turning the tide about this issue. Pay attention to Jim Tomasik. He gives great info and ideas, and is very inspiring.
Wow, wish I could come to your meeting. I can get out in front with this thing, I just can't imagine that there isn't already somebody doing it.
Are you having your meeting in you home or some other venue? I'd sure feel better about trying to organize something if I had any idea what others in this area are trying to do. What do you call the meeting. I am thinking that I'd like to start out with just sort of a social get-together. Just to see some faces, and see what kind of reaction there is.
Tell us how you meeting goes, and what you are trying to accomplish.
Have you looked on the "meet-up" group to see if there are any FairTax Supporters?

How about dawning a jail outfit (b&w stipes) w/ball & chain and a sign: FairTax the SOLUTION JOIN ME!!! stop for more info... and take to a street corner where there is a LOT of traffic!


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