Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

What are the 6 degrees of separation for FairTax? FairTax Nation is one hub.

Are we using the power of NETWORKS to the advantage of FairTax?
I believe with tools like Face Book and Twitter we are building the networks and hubs.
Can this FairTax network be, or should it be, controlled?
What will the FairTax Network look like one year from now?

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I recommend including another "node/hub" conducive to The Fair Tax. FreeRepublic.com. I maintain a list of Fair Tax supporters at FreeRepublic to refute some of the inane comments on Fair Tax related articles but could use more from this site and others as I direct Fair Tax supporters on my list to this site. I can give further information to join FreeRepublic if anyone is interested.


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