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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Here's a note I just sent to a local FM rock station I to listen to. Their morning show is #1 in VA. I'll let you know if I hear anything from them. Wish me luck.


Dear Tommy and Rumble,

My name is Jim Arab, I live in Virginia Beach, and in addition to being a long-time fan of FM99, and you two in particular, I am also a volunteer District Director with Americans For Fair Taxation, fairtax.org.

As a regular listener, I have often heard you discuss politics, tax policies, and the economy in a straight-forward manner, while still never losing sight of what’s really important, like Stupid News, Idiots on the Internet, and Ask Shelley.

With everything that is going on in Washington D.C., stimulus spending, the economy, the Tea Parties, and the quickly approaching April 15 tax deadline, average citizens are paying more and more attention to politics and policy issues than ever before. Too many people are genuinely concerned, frustrated by what is occurring, and are looking for viable alternatives.

As the District Director for AFFT, I would love the opportunity to discuss with your listening audience a simple, easy to understand, and completely viable solution to so much of what ails our economy – The FairTax.

In a nutshell, The FairTax replaces the IRS and our current income tax system with a national retail sales tax. The income tax punishes production. Under The FairTax, everyone is free to produce, earn, invest, grow, and save without tax penalty. By taxing consumption of only new goods and services, the individual is in total control of when and how his or her federal tax is paid. The FairTax has a built-in “prebate” that absolves everyone from paying federal taxes on the necessities of life, up to the poverty level, based on household size. The FairTax is not a pipe-dream. It is real tax reform legislation in the house (H.R.25) and senate (S.296) today. H.R-25 has 51 cosponsors, more than any other tax reform legislation, but The FairTax is virtually ignored by the politicians and pundits who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

There will be several FairTax events held on April 15 in the area and I would really appreciate it if you could help me get the word out. Hopefully, without the Wheel of Interviews.

If you would like to help expose your listening audience to The FairTax, please contact me at your convenience.


Jim Arab
Americans For Fair Taxation, fairtax.org
VA-02 District Director
home: 757-479-3475
cell: 757-214-2049
e-mail: jimarab@aol.com

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