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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

This was done in the UK back in the 90's when the 'Euro' debate was going on.
A group stuck pink stickers to the 1 pound coins saying 'Save the Pound' which then spread through currency circulation.

This was brought up on a Facebook FT group about stamping US currency with something relating to the FairTax.
Someone is already marking over 'Tim Geithner' with 'TAX CHEAT' on the bills.

Now according to US law it is illegal to deface or destroy currency with the attempt to make it unuseable, but there is nothing stated with regards to marking currency.

What do you think about using the free market to advertise the FairTax?
Everyone likes money and everyone uses it......plus the cost would be just the cost of the stamp and thats really it.


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I don't think it's a good idea to put "TAX CHEAT" over Geithner's name on currency. It's too polarizing and the FairTax will only be passed if we can get bipartisan cooperation.

How about, instead, getting rubber stamps made that just say FairTax (or something catchier -- I'm not very good at catch phrases). Then stamp all your currency. It would be interesting to see if we could get millions of bills circulating with a FairTax message on them.

DISCLAIMER: If this is against the law, it should NOT be done and I hereby disclaim any association with the idea (the rubber stamp idea, not the FairTax idea). I wouldn't want the Treasury Department sending agents to get me.

Of course, if it's not against the law, I think it would be great. Or if there are people out there who would do something like this on their own, even if it is against the law, there's nothing I could do to stop them. I would just report the existence of marked currency to the Treasury Department and let them handle it.

The Tim Geithner stamp was being done by someone else which is where the idea for FT stamps came from.
Totally separate to any FairTax issue and the FairTax supporter who mentioned it.

I don't see an issue with it being against the law, as long as its simply stamped and not in any way destroying the bills.
People write on bills all the time ( or at least I've seen numbers etc on them all the time)

I think it would be a great idea for just getting the world out to people who use money.....which is everyone :)
I've seen this down in GA at the rally. My son has received FairTax stamped money and commented to me.... it is visible and inexpensive
I have a stamp and do it now. I hope to be getting a new stamp that says FairTaxNation.com on it.
Jim, where did you get your stamps from?

If we can post a link and maybe a picture to show where to stamp on the money (don't want to deface a President do we) then we can really get this going.

You can't get more grass roots then the money we're trying to keep more of.
I think the stamp should be in the form of a bubble... like getting the presidents' endorsement!
I have contacted a rubber stamp website and asked them if they could set up a special order page where people could order a standard stamp. We would need to provide the design. This way, we could just post a URL here and individuals could order a stamp directly. A self-inking stamp would be less than $10.

Now, what should the stamp say? I think the simpler the better -- one or two lines. Any ideas?

The Time Has Come

Someone help. This isn't my forte.
Obviously it has to say 'FairTax' and 'the time has come' is just truth :)

The fact they will be holding money which they all want to keep... I think we need to build off that.

'Keep more of this for yourself'

Jim, can we start a poll or something along those lines so we can post ideas and get thoughts?
Well. If we do square stamp, it will be cheaper. I did a quick e-mail based on what I can find on the internet. Roughly $9 each + shipping. Roughly a 2 week lead time. The stamp itself would be made in the usa, but the outer casing would not.

I would be willing to eat the shipping costs and even some of the costs for the stampers.
I definitely think fairtaxnation is a better "landing point" for the fairstamp.

Anyone know if we can get the "entire" stamp made in the usa? or would that be too much? Better part of it than none of it.
I noticed in one of the blog posting, someone had just written fairtax.org on the bill. Until we can get the stamps out and together. We can just write on the bill in nice big (preferably crayola marker ink) www.fairtaxnation.com

At least to start.
COOL, I see you can purchase them direct from the site....awesome!!
No one has to deal with a heavy burden of purchasing a lot and hoping they sell (I'm sure they would though)

Just checking out the design wizard.

Here are some ideas:

The FairTax
Keep more money in your pocket

The FairTax
Pay Taxes When You Want

The FairTax
Had Enough Yet?

The FairTax
Make April 15th Just Another Day

The 3 lined stamp would cost $23.95 each
The FairTax.org stamps are $9.....not sure how they got them that cheap.
Any ideas?
I think everything we do should have fairtaxnation.com on it. It gives people a chance to act. Do something.



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