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I was surfing the net last night and on the Murphy Monkey Blog http://themurphymonkey.blogspot.com/ I saw an advertisement which was a poll from the FREEDOM WORKS group with options in LARGE print to vote for FLAT TAX or FAIRTAX. Those ads roll through over time and it may or may not be there if you go and view it. If you remember, Dick Armey is an old school FLAT TAX guy. With many people blogging now and running their own Google Ads and as highly effective as they are maybe we should do the same!!! This ad is running right next to Joe the plumber video on YouTube.

If someone will copy the ad and send it to me I will attach it here. Thanks! alfairtax@gmail.com

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Went there and it was gone. First time I visited that site. Surprised to find so many Fair Tax icons, videos and links!
Randy, Googles ads are rolling ads and are replaced every few minutes or hours(not sure) they link them up with page and blog content. FairTax could do the same but check back on the Murphy Monkey Blog later to see.
Does the ad actually allow a person to vote or does it just take them to freedom works page where they can then take the poll? Which, by the way, defaults to the flat tax - and as a result, some fair tax supporters have unintentionally voted for while it is clear they intended to vote for the fair tax. Current poll results show 82% Fair Tax, 18% flat tax.

However, a Google ad for FTN might be a good idea.
Five years ago flat tax was almost dead! Now it has had a resurgence, I think, because there is money to be made around the issue. Look at all the think tanks that have cropped up lately, American Solutions, FreedomWorks etc etc. Sen. Shelby is a Flat Taxer and God knows we've hammered him bunches here in Alabama to join us but he refuses too and Sen Sessions aired a debate on his weekly show between the FairTax and flat tax(Linder and Armey) a couple of years ago but he won't sign on if Shelby won't so I say vote them out. Oddly enough, I spoke to an organizer of one of the Tea Parties and he didn't have a lot of info. on either one but tended to know more about the flat tax. I told him like I tell my 8 year old, all he needs to remember is FairTax Good, Flat Tax Bad. Then I politely told him that the flat tax plan is just that flat. It only tweaks our current broken system, yada yada yada, you get it. I had his ear and then I owned him.

Someone needs to check on the cost of google ads. I'm a graphic designer and could do a nice ad that could say, "ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW IS: FAIR TAX GOOD" or "FAIRTAX GOOD flat tax bad" that would elicit alot of attention.
How would we pay for this ad on Google?
Jim as a representative of FTN you could contact all 51 cosponsors and ask for a donation for running the ads. Tell them to put our money where their mouth is. Have we asked them to chip in yet? Don't you dare laugh at my suggestion. We can start there.
I never thought of that. hmmmmm......
wee need to buy in ourselves and match those costs.
do me the favor and find out the cost of running such an ad. I am covered up at the moment.

We can divide the cost by the number of cosponsors willing to help...
That's not a google ad, because google only does text ads. But we might want to think about running some google ads ourselves. It's pretty easy to set up, I've done it myself before. And when you place an ad, you pay per click. So say if you want 100 clicks, you pay like 5 bucks, and it runs until you get 100, then it stops. http://www.google.com/adsense
Joshua, go look at the advertisement again. It says AD BY GOOGLE at the bottom. They are going graphic ads now.


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