Fair Tax Nation

Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Hello FairTax Warriors,

I don't say this lightly as the FairTax will only get passed if we chose to be warriors for this Freedom Loving bill!

It has been a decade since I became a FairTax Supporter and Warrior. Unfortunately the past 8yrs. has been VERY bad for promoting tax reform so NOW is the time to reorganize and re-energize as we have a clean slate and new people to get educated.

Truly there is NO better time for the FairTax than the year when the motto is


Are YOU IN? Please let state "I am IN" and what state you are from and see if we can't give the FairTax a voice like NEVER before!!!

What action Items for the FAIRTAX are you going to start doing?

Willl you commit to doing them daily, weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly or quarterly?

HERE are some FairTax ACTION Item ideas please share yours if it isn't here:

>>Call your Congressional Representative & Senator and educate/encourage them to be a cosponsor

>>Share the FairTax with someone new: neighbor, coworker, friend, family, cashier, business owner, etc

>>Write a letter to the editor promoting the FairTax

>>Send a postcard to: Congress Members, those on the House Ways and Means Committee, President Trump & his cabinet members.

>>Put a bumper sticker on your car

>>Promote the FairTax on Twitter/FaceBook/Instagram

>>Read The FairTax Book

>>Give the FairTax Book to someone

>>Plan a FairTax gathering/meeting in your areaf

>>Join your state's FairTax Group here on FTN

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