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Have You Emailed Your Congressional Representative or Senator Yet?

This evening while surfing around on "FairTax Nation," I discovered the following link:


I noted that my Congressional Representative, Thomas J Rooney, 16th District, had not yet taken a public position on the Fair Tax. He is not listed as For It, Against It or Supporting It. I immediately emailed him, urging him to support this historic bill. Whether he does or not, only time will tell. Have you contacted your congressman yet? Don't delay, remember most politicians, no matter their party, usually go with the flow. Lets make sure the "Flow" is in our direction.

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In all honesty I rarely e-mail my reps on the FairTax...mainly because they are all supporters.
I e-mail a thanks and when issues come up I request they bring up the FairTax for debate......Rep King's was a perfect example.

I did however e-mail Tom Cole (R-OK) upon seeing the title to this thread.
However I'm no longer asking he support it......I'm letting him know that his refusal to support it will make me actively support and campaign for a replace for him who is pro-FairTax.
The time for asking is over....now I'm stating what I as well as many other FairTax supporters will do.

Good morning Mr. Cole.

After seeing you at the Republican Convention here in Oklahoma City and seeing your continuing response to the FairTax issue I am quite perplexed.
Not that you are anti-FairTax, but that all your young volunteers at the convention were happily wearing FairTax stickers.

The out of control spending by government over the last year and the encroaching on our constitutional rights by the current administration has 'fired up' millions of Americans.
Many of us feel the FairTax is a one issue bill, yet the side effects will be like ripples in a pond for both the economy, and Washington DC.
You have been briefed on this bill multiple times, and lord knows how many times your constituents have requested that you co-sponsor this bill....yet you have refused.

You state you are for tax reform and will support a bill when it comes up for debate....yet without your co-sponsorship you are not helping this bill come forth for debate.

You are up for re-election next year and I as a tax paying Oklahoman cannot a) vote for someone who refuses to support what is best for America regardless of what it will do to the power in Washington and b) will actively campaign for your replacements (many of whom have stated they are pro-FairTax).
I had lengthy conversation with them as did many other FairTax supporters at the convention.

You must see the winds are changing for Americans being complacent with what is going on and with your stance on the FairTax....I as well as many others have no choice but to not only vote against, but campaign and actively support a pro-FairTax candidate for District 3.

You must see that the FairTax is what is best for not only Oklahoman's, but for America as a whole.
Your refusal to support the bill leads me to only one conclusion.....you are simply a politician wanting to keep his seat in Washington and his campaign contributors happy.
I'm afraid Mr. Cole we outnumber them....by a lot.....and we're mad!!

Your response (non standard) would be appreciated.
Thank you

Kind regards

Lucky you! Ohio has only one, a congressman, and he's not talking. Grrr! Any of you in Rep. Tiberi's district, send him one of those red "Your Fired" post cards. Remind him who his employer is.
I'm not even in Tom Cole's district....but the zip code I input on the contact e-mail was :)

Doesn't matter if you're in their district, you're a voice!!!
Make it heard!!!
and what a truly great voice you are Tony! Your letter should serve as a template to all of those who have reps like Tom Cole - it is time to call out these people and put them on the carpet; your letter does exactly that! Another Great Job on your part! Keep on keeping on.
I am in NC but I have sent letters and emails to many of the Rep. in DC as well as their home states to let them know we're not happy with their votes.
That's great Cindy. Keep after them. People say it's a waste of time trying to change the status quo but the more people that get on board, the easier it becomes. Keep up the effort.
While the rep themselves may not directly see the letter.....the office staff keep a tally on the calls and what they are saying.
The rep see's those I'm sure.....so they get the bigger picture.
The more we call and write...the more number they see in the 'you're job security is in jepordy' column ;)

And Sean....thank you :)
I didn't come to this country to see it turn into the one I left.
Tony - please, good sir - I beg your indulgence and forgiveness for my asking, but I think many of us here on FTN would like to know a little more about you.

Might you be willing to share a little more about yourself? What country did you come from? How long have you been here? And just how in the heck did you come by your streak of true Americanism anyhow?

I know from your posts in other discussions that you are not a citizen - yet. Please let me know if there is any way that I can help you with that - I want you in a voting booth!

Warmest Regards - Sean Fagan
Hey Sean

No problem, just no SS#'s ok?

Well my name is Tony....born and raised in England.
You know those books you see showing rolling green hills with little towns nestled in amongst them.....right there)

I'm 27, been in the US since Jan 2004 and am here 110% legally.
I say 110% because the high prices I paid got my vias's etc will go towards making someone here illegally; legal!!

I travelled a lot when I was younger.....other Eruopean coutries, Asia, middle east a little....this is the greatest country on Gods green earth.
After talking with people here in Oklahoma and the US in general.....its easy to see how.....droned people in the UK are.
I was never able to put my finger on it.....but they are complacent with their lives.....I always wanted more.
I never understood it until now....its really amazing.
But seeing the way people are here and with the recent election....millions are complacent for what they have and just want government to take care of them.
Yet millions of others want to break free but the left has us so divided and continues to attack those who can unite us........I want to just scream and start slapping people.

How did I come by my streak of Americanism???
Now thats a great question.
First two years my wife and I lived with her parents in Alva, OK (very small town).
We had to because of immigration and we really didn't have the money to do that and get our own place. I got a job as a donut maker in the local grocery store and my wife a stock girl (yeah I know, but the town was VERY small with no professional jobs that were hiring).

After being threatened with being fired if we were caught spending our paychecks at the local Walmart again my wife went on food stamps so we could afford to buy groceries at that store and still save to get our own place. (employment at will state, no legal recourse that I knew of back then).

2 years after I arrived we moved to Oklahoma City where my wife was offered a job as an up and coming retail associate. Again nothing huge.....but it was what we were looking for.
We'd been driving the 2 1/2 hours to OKC about twice a week looking for work and she was the first one given an offer.
Moved into a nice apartment and I was offered a job in the mortgage industry transferring loans from one company to another,....you know....those wonderful sub prime things.

Anyway during my time there I got onto talk radio (music radio was just the same damn thing every 2 hours).
At first it was Mike Gallagher, Dr. Laura and Dave Ramsey.
With Dave Ramsey I got onto getting out of debt.
Paying off the credit cards we'd used to move with and pay the car off and other bills etc.....did that in two years :)
Then that station went to sports so I found another.
The lineup was Laura Ingraham, Bill O'Reilly and Neal Boortz...which is where I got onto the FairTax.
Bill O'Reilly I still watch in the evenings because his coverage of the news to me is independent and leaves a lot to your own opinion unlike the commentators.
When I switched jobs into the energy sector and Records Management (my current position) I lost the signal so I switch to another station.
This line up is:
Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Now if you only ever listen to these people you'll only ever have the far right side of things....which isn't really bad.
But I think having all sides is the best way to have an objective view on things

I think all of the above combined gives me a pretty incitful view of the way this country is going (not to blow my own trumpet)....and I don't like it.

OK, how's that?

Oh and I 'do' plan to become a citizen so I can vote.
My folks back home won't like it....but they also don't understand it.....looking from the inside out you are oblivious to it.
I'd say that was pretty good narrative on your part Tony, thank you.

As I mentioned in another discussion somewhere, my wife and her daughter are from China so I know a good deal about the INS (now called CIS - different name, same "service"). I also know the process is expensive, spent several thousand bucks getting them all the way to citizenship, so I feel your pain.

Would I be correct in assuming your wife is American? If so, did you come to the US under a K1 visa or another type of visa? I was just wondering because if you've obtained permanent resident status then you should not be far from applying for citizenship. So I'll stop with all the questions now.

Meanwhile, even though you've been here for about 5 years now - welcome to America my friend. It is a pleasure to know you; and I'm happy to know that after a difficult beginning you seem to have landed on your feet.

Thanks for sharing your story - Sean
Yep K1 visa...got my Green Card back in March 2007 (or was it 2006)...I forget.
Not sure how long until I can become a citizen of the specifics on if dual citizenship can be kept (heard stories so need to find out).

I wouldn't call it a difficult beginning.....but working for something really gives you a sense of accomplishment. I also think that helps me understand why so many have their hands out.
Great story Tony! Now I know why you seem to have such a great insight on so many issues.


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