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Have You Emailed Your Congressional Representative or Senator Yet?

This evening while surfing around on "FairTax Nation," I discovered the following link:


I noted that my Congressional Representative, Thomas J Rooney, 16th District, had not yet taken a public position on the Fair Tax. He is not listed as For It, Against It or Supporting It. I immediately emailed him, urging him to support this historic bill. Whether he does or not, only time will tell. Have you contacted your congressman yet? Don't delay, remember most politicians, no matter their party, usually go with the flow. Lets make sure the "Flow" is in our direction.

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Terrific story Tony. Again welcome to America and I wish the same to Sean and his wife. Its folks like you guys that immigrate to the US and we are so much better off because of it. It takes some of the sting out of our illegal immigration problems. Welcome.
Thank you Clay. Yep, we followed every step of the process - it was painfully slow at times, but worth the journey.

When my wife had problems finding a decent job (her English is good, just not perfect) she made her own and opened a business. The daughter, who came here barely speaking any English at the age of 10-1/2, graduated from high school with honors and an IB diploma. She has just finished her first year at NYU.

Now, how American is that?
I email, call and write all the time. I get responses that indicate my Representative Baron Hill (D), has either not read or does not understand the FairTax bill before Congress right now. He keeps saying he does not want to harm Social Security or Medicare. Clearly he has no clue that we are talking about replacing all Federal taxes with the FairTax, and that it is revenue neutral. It also shows me how really out of touch and uniformned he is, or maybe he is just a Communist!
Call him again, e-mail him more and inform him that SS and Medicare are freight trains rapidly running out of track....and the FairTax would go a long way to fixing them.
Get a book, send it to him and maybe even print out the bill (only 153 pages) and send it to him.

Then call him again and make sure he's read it.
If you get nowhere, call and call and call informing them that he is up for re-election and pi$$ing off the wrong person. He WILL get the message. Get others in your area to do the same thing.
Get a letter writing campaign going....open his eyes to his voters!!
Maybe you should try to set up a meeting with Rep. Hill's staff and have your state AFFT director explain HR 25. This was done with Sen. Sherrod Brown (D) of Ohio just last week, and I'm working on setting up just such a meeting with my congressman, also here in Ohio.
I've finally gotten around to doing some reading and I came across this nice tidbit in Neal Boortz's book Somebody's gotta say it in the chapter called "Things that should be taught in government schools" on page 153 - "...Explain why a letter to a local politician will have far more effect than a letter sent to a congressman or senator in Washington. (Hint: Because Washington politicians are so isolated from interaction with the people they govern that they feel bulletproof - and complacency ensues.)

Sounds right to me.
The only ones they interact with are the lobbyist! That alone will keep them from really knowing what is going on in America.

Listening to Boortz today about how the Union's contributions and backing got more attention from Washington than what is really needed!

Yes, that sounds right!
In Ga many thank yous sent. Sent letters to many other reps. This month working on the congressional scorecard.

Mr. Jeffries, I'm sorry your rep is a commie. Mine is too, I'm sure.

Mr. Tony, USA must be in your blood. Many is the time I wanted to do some slapping.
And I swear its increasing as time goes on :)
In line with the topic of this discussion, here is my latest email to FL State Senator JD Alexander-R:

Dear Senator Alexander:

I understand you are a Florida State Senator and cannot directly influence the United States Congress, but in spite of that, I urge you to support The Fair Tax as a replacement for the Federal Income Tax. I would like to see the legislature of Florida come out and support this legislation, even to the extent of urging its implementation in Florida. As you may be aware, the Fair Tax was first proposed by GA Rep. John Linder. And has repeatedly been put before for the U.S. Congress. If you are not thoroughly familiar with the Fair Tax, I urge you to visit www.fairtax.org and also read "The Fair Tax" by Rep. John Linder and Neal Boortz. I have come to the conclusion that this is definitely the way to go if we want to regain control of our destiny and our wallets in the United States.

The Fair Tax is a consumption tax that is aimed at replacing the Federal Income Tax and it is revenue neutral and would supply the same amount of revenue that the federal government is receiving now. Unlike todays "sales taxes", the Fair Tax is an inclusive tax and would be paid one time at the point of sale. Unlike a VAT it does not get paid at each stage of an items production.

Senator, please support this legislation.


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