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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Does anyone know how many FairTax Supporters we have across the nation as a whole? Having the little pockets of sites dedicated to the cause is great, but shouldn't all Fairtax supporters ban together in one place so when we get enough support (like +millions) so we can march to DC and tell them enough is enough and we want it changed NOW? That we are pulling the purse strings from Congress and placing it back where it belongs..with the people?
Is it time yet? We could take a 1000 years of getting angry, arguing and having daily partisan or non-partisan debates on whats right, wrong or indifferent with our government economics but the entire goal is lost within a maze of JUNK that does absolutely nothing to reach our goal of The FairTax. Is it time yet? The Democratic and Republican Parties Will Continue To Debate, while we the people, the FairTax supporters should quickly move forward and accomplish our single goal of a FairTaxNation, before it is to late. Is It Time Yet?

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Central Florida Group uses a similar process with the Webinars. Last month there were several hundred people on the line. The moderator has the control to mute all people and then let people speak a few at at time. You can type a comment /question or "raise your hand" to be recognized. Maybe this system can be used for the calls.

Huckabee and Chuck Norris are national celebrities and FairTaxers. I used a rifle approach (no pun intended) on Brian Baird (D-WA). He is 90% of the way there to becoming a co-sponsor. I think a small band of FairTaxers visiting directly with their respective reps is effective. Baird realized that he will lose in 2010 without supporting the FairTax. Challenge your Reps, and anyone else for that matter, to show you a plan that grows the economy better than the FairTax. No one has ever come back with anything at all, much less anything better. Let me know if you want to talk live. I am at 360-210-7189.

From the FairTax.org petition alone its over 1,000,000

Add in all the sites, FB groups etc etc.......it's A LOT!!!


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