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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Lets start Raising some MONEY for FairTax Grassroots! (Updated with Pic)

For radio ads and booth set ups,

Please kick in a few few bucks with the "donate" button on FairTaxNation.

Should we set a goal deadline of April 15?

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I just kicked in 25 bucks. It's what I can spare at the moment.
I gave 20 a week ago. I hope I can do that again this Friday.

Every little bit adds up.

Thanks for helping.

Damn. I wanted my donation to be to the Ohio group, not the Illinois one.
It is set up this way just for legal purposes. All funds go through Ill. We have to have it go to a properly set up bank account. Marilyn R. has this with the Illinouis acount.
Good enough. As long as it's in the correct pocket, I'm happy.

Off topic a bit..

I'm an avid scuba diver and post on the scuba Internet boards quite often. I'm adding a link the the Fair Tax website to all of my signatures, including email, and posted a link on my Facebook page.

I urge everyone else to do similar on all of your Internet dealings.
Please ad a link to this site as this is where the FairTax activists are gathering.


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