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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Rep Steve King talks to FairTax Nation. Things are brewing in Washington DC!

This first part is the tip of the ice burg. Go read what Rep. King has to say and don't forget to LEAVE A COMMENT in the comment section so his office will know that we FairTaxers are behind him! Furthermore, call his office right away and relay some encouragement!

Pick up those phones, folks!

Rep. Steve King
1609 Longworth Office Building
Washington D.C. 20515
Phone: 202.225.4426
Fax: 202.225.3193

Here is just one result from the phone call Friday morning:

Be looking for a 60 minute 'special order' on the floor very soon, requested by him, to discuss the FairTax Act. It will be shown on CSPAN.

Call Rep. Linder's office and have him join the battle to promote his bill HR-25!

Call Rep. Dan Boren's office and tell him to stand up for the FairTax Democrats out there who see the need for some REAL change!

Call your congressman's office to have him or her make a stand for or against the FairTax during this 'special order'!

These things will not cost you a dime nor will it risk your life. So WAKE UP and STAND UP to join in this fight to save our nation!

Its about time! Here is a man willing to come out swinging on the floor of the House for FairTax! Here is an elected leader who has the guts to lead and we need to support him and let him know we do!

There will be several more parts taken from this hour plus long phone conversation. This first one is 'preaching to the choir' (so to speak) but later I had a great brainstorming time with him. The planned 15 minute phone call lasted well over an hour.

We need to follow up and comment to CSPAN and our Congressmen!

Rick contacted Rep. Steve King's Washington office and obtained the the e-mail address for his Legislative Director, Bentley Graves.
The e-mail address is : bentley.graves@mail.house.gov.

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That's great news! I'll be calling tomorrow morning Rep King and Rep Linder . Please keep us posted when the discussion will occur on the floor so I can notify Fair Tax supporters at Free Republic.com. There's quite a few.
I will pass the info along as soon as wwe are made aware of the date and time.
I talked to Linder's office I think we are set with him.

We need to prepare email lists to let everyone know when the FairTax "conversation" on the floor of the House will take place. We need every state to make email lists for:
U.S. Congressmen
State Legislators
Local officials -- such as mayors, aldermen,
Party leaders from all parties
Media, especially local on air personalities, columnists, etc.

And any other opinion makers you can think of. When we get a date and time we must be ready to notify everyone about the event.

I could not email Rep. King, so I will call his office to express my support today. But, here is a copy of the email I sent to my Congressman, who is a co-sponsor of the FairTax act...

"Dear Congressman Deal,

I am writing to encourage you to enthusiastically support the intention of Representative Steve King to request a special order to discuss the FairTax on the House floor.

I have also written to Representative Dan Boren to encourage him to stand with FairTax Republicans and represent the FairTax Democrats as we fight this battle to save our economy in a way besides throwing money at it.

I have contacted Representative John Linder to support this effort as well.

I am a recent addition to a groundswell of grassroots support for the FairTax and have volunteered to demonstrate in promotion of the FairTax at our area post offices.

Thanks for all you do and for supporting the effort to get the FairTax passed into law, so that our nation may again become the great super-power that leads the world, instead of following it.

For Freedom,

Mr. Christopher Long"
What a great Job! Get EVERYONE to do that!
Rick Rodriguez contacted Rep. Steve King's Washington office and obtained the the e-mail address for his Legislative Director, Bentley Graves. The e-mail address is : bentley.graves@mail.house.gov.

We know that the Congressman would appreciate a phone call from those taking he time to do so. However, some people would prefer the most expedient, convenient and less expensive route and e-mail him. The important objective is making the contact with his office and the more options we make available, the more response we will affect.
I am calling my Congressman - Linder, as well as King right now.
I juts spoke with king's office. This person did not know of any plans for further floor debates. I let Andrew know that King should consider a run for the White House in 2012.
Also, Rep. Michelle Bachmann was on the floor that night with King and seems to support the FT. We should all send her a note of support. Remember, it was a minority of colonists who actually gave us our freedoms. We don't have to have the majority-we just have to have the fire.
RE: "Remember, it was a minority of colonists who actually gave us our freedoms. We don't have to have the majority-we just have to have the fire."

Amen to that!
Just got off the phone. Contacted Rep. King's office, Rep. Jim Jordan (my congressman), Rep. Boren, and Rep. John Beohner. Delightful conversations with Rep. King's and Rep. Boren's offices. Boren's office reports that they are receiving a lot of calls!
I also emailed Rep. Linder.

I can't help but feel hopeful. I am by nature an optimistic person; however, I seem to lack patience in some areas!

Yes, please do keep us posted as to when the discussion on the floor will occur. We have to get the word out.

Thank you so much for the info, Jim.
I just sent this email to Congressman Duncan's office in Tennessee. Please send like minded oes to all cosponsors in your state. I think Rep. Duncan did not even know this was going on.

Hello Denise,

During a phone interview I was doing with Rep. Steve King of Iowa, this good congressman became inspired enough to call for a 'Special Order' to discuss FairTax in The House.

You can read some of the parts of the interview on www.FairTaxNation.com . An undercurrent of FairTax activity is gaining momentum nation wide now.

We would really like to see Rep. Duncan step up and show his support of Rep. King. Rep King is greatly appreciated for his effort to push FairTax Forward against the prevailing winds! He is quickly becoming a hero in this fight. This has started a nationwide 'watch party' for FairTax advocates. It is important that we offer up FairTax as a option against the current bailouts and stimulus messes that are being handed to the American people.

This is the latest info I have on the Special Order:

March 17th, aprox. 6 P.M.
To be aired on CSPAN.


RULE, SPECIAL. Also known as a special order, order of business resolution, or rule, a special rule is a simple resolution of the House of Representatives, usually reported by the Committee on Rules, to permit the immediate consideration of a legislative measure, notwithstanding the usual order of business, and to prescribe conditions for its debate and amendment. The authority of the Rules Committee to report special rules can be traced to 1883. Prior to that time, bills could not be considered out of their order on the calendars of the House except by unanimous consent or under a suspension of the rules, which required a two-thirds vote. Since special rules reported from the Rules Committee required only a majority vote in the House, the new practice greatly facilitated the ability of the majority leadership to depart from the regular order of business and schedule major legislation according to the majority's priorities.

In addition to giving a bill privileged status for consideration at any time after the rule's adoption, a special rule establishes the amount of time for general debate on the bill and how that time is to be allocated. Usually the time is equally divided between the chairman and ranking minority member of the committee or the committees reporting the bill. Special rules also provide for the type of amendment process to be followed once general debate has been concluded. Under an open rule, any member may offer germane amendments. Under a close rule, no amendments are permitted. Between open and closed rules are modified open and modified closed rules, which limit the amendment process to only those amendments referred to in the rule. The text of such amendments, who may offer them, and how long they may be debated are often contained in the Rules Committee's report on the resolution. Studies have documented a significant increase, beginning in the 1980s, in the frequency of special rules that restrict the amendment process. This trend has been variously attributed to increasing legislative complexity, member independence, member partisanship, and leaders' desire for predictable results. Special rules are also used to waive points of order against bills or amendments and thereby permit their consideration notwithstanding their violation of House rules. In this regard, special rules are often necessary to waive points of order for matters that would otherwise be privileged for floor consideration without a rule, such as appropriations bills and conference reports.

Special rule resolutions are subject to one hour of debate in the House, controlled by the majority party manager for the Rules Committee. Half this time is traditionally yielded to the minority. The resolutions may not be considered by the House on the same day they are reported from the Rules Committee except by a two-thirds vote of the House. They may not be amended unless the majority manager offers an amendment or yields to another member for that purpose, or unless the previous question (the motion to end debate and proceed to a final vote) is defeated. If the previous question is defeated, its leading opponent is recognized for one hour of debate and the right to amend the rule in a similar fashion.


Jim Tomasik
901 827 0120
Tennessee FairTax


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