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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

Rep Steve King talks to FairTax Nation. Things are brewing in Washington DC!

This first part is the tip of the ice burg. Go read what Rep. King has to say and don't forget to LEAVE A COMMENT in the comment section so his office will know that we FairTaxers are behind him! Furthermore, call his office right away and relay some encouragement!

Pick up those phones, folks!

Rep. Steve King
1609 Longworth Office Building
Washington D.C. 20515
Phone: 202.225.4426
Fax: 202.225.3193

Here is just one result from the phone call Friday morning:

Be looking for a 60 minute 'special order' on the floor very soon, requested by him, to discuss the FairTax Act. It will be shown on CSPAN.

Call Rep. Linder's office and have him join the battle to promote his bill HR-25!

Call Rep. Dan Boren's office and tell him to stand up for the FairTax Democrats out there who see the need for some REAL change!

Call your congressman's office to have him or her make a stand for or against the FairTax during this 'special order'!

These things will not cost you a dime nor will it risk your life. So WAKE UP and STAND UP to join in this fight to save our nation!

Its about time! Here is a man willing to come out swinging on the floor of the House for FairTax! Here is an elected leader who has the guts to lead and we need to support him and let him know we do!

There will be several more parts taken from this hour plus long phone conversation. This first one is 'preaching to the choir' (so to speak) but later I had a great brainstorming time with him. The planned 15 minute phone call lasted well over an hour.

We need to follow up and comment to CSPAN and our Congressmen!

Rick contacted Rep. Steve King's Washington office and obtained the the e-mail address for his Legislative Director, Bentley Graves.
The e-mail address is : bentley.graves@mail.house.gov.

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I have sent emails to my first term Congressman, Dr. Phil Roe (1st District TN) on several occasions asking him to become a Fair Tax supporter. He is a pretty good conservative, especially when it comes to fiscal issues, so I feel like the FT would be right up his alley. I haven't received a response so far, though.

I did email Rep King's legislative director asking him to contact anyone he may know on Dr. Roe's staff and try to get him involved with the special order on Tuesday. I also asked him to pass along my excitement and gratitude to Rep King.

Here's hoping the momentum continues to build!


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