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In the past there have been many numerous demonstrations in front of Post Offices on April 15. Let's make this a nationwide event this year. By April 15th we should be in the thousands in members here on Fair Tax Nation and on Zap the IRS. If we can get every member to commit 1 hour or more on April 15th. We could hit a lot of Post Offices. We are in need of a nationwide event. Why not April 15th? We have plenty of time to plan and organize. I am the District Director of Ohio District 03. My goal is to have someone in front of every Post Office in the district as well as Rep. Mike Turner's office at least part of the day. What are your thoughts?

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Sounds good to me. I probably will be at the Centerville Post Office with Barb, Bonnie, and Paul.
Dave is there some way to set up a list of Post Offices and have the people sign-up? I know Barb will do Centerville and I probably will join her. Phil said he wants to do Beavercreek again. So this is a start. Billie
Yes this is good as last year we gave over 1500 fliers out in Ocala Fl. and we plan on it again! Hope every Fairtax person does this !As we heard that the post office will be picking one day per wk to shut down!We have got to do this. Bev. & Gene LaCross of Ocala, Fl.We are presenators of the Fairtax.
My husband wants to do a "Going Postal" Poker Run around Post Offices with a bunch of motorcycles! Totally impractical since tables aren't allowed on public property, and the name he gave it could cause trouble, but I loved the notion. Unfortunately, Uncle Sam has no sense of humor.
There were 1-3 of us in front of the MAIN post office here in the desert part of WA state for 12 hours last year. Only allowed to be on the sidewalks "outside" the post office, not right in front of it. Lets go for it!!
I plana to be at the Richland Post Office (across the street0, hopefully along with JJ and his wife.
I'm up for it. How do I get a nice big FairTax sign?
Do you have to get a permit so Big Brother doesn't bother you ?
Is everyone aware of the "Save The Nation Rally" in Columbia, South Carolina on April 15th ? It's being sponsored by AFFT and SC FairTax.Org. Ken Hoagland, Mike Huckabee, & Neal Boortz have confirmed that they will be at the event as well as the potential for a couple of other BIG names who are still working out the details. The venue has been reserved and the planning is in HIGH gear. Here's a link to our latest mass email on the event --> "Save The Nation Rally"

For anyone in the Myrtle Beach area, here's a link to another to a Mass email on the events happening in that area on April 15th & more --> Myrtle Beach

We'll have much more information on the April 15th event coming very soon.
Bikers, don't miss the "Goin' Postal Poker Run" in Columbia SC on April 15. More details to follow at www.grassrootsfreedomride.com
I think the answer to 2 Feb 18th questions. You can draw your own sign. Be sure it is sturdy. Here in OH we always have wind. As for a permit, I think you just have to get the Postmasters permission, in writing if possible. I hope there are enough people to cover everything. Tea Parties, Post Office, motorcades, etc. Pray for good weather. Billie in Beavercreek
Where is the closest tea party rally to winona, mn?


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