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In the past there have been many numerous demonstrations in front of Post Offices on April 15. Let's make this a nationwide event this year. By April 15th we should be in the thousands in members here on Fair Tax Nation and on Zap the IRS. If we can get every member to commit 1 hour or more on April 15th. We could hit a lot of Post Offices. We are in need of a nationwide event. Why not April 15th? We have plenty of time to plan and organize. I am the District Director of Ohio District 03. My goal is to have someone in front of every Post Office in the district as well as Rep. Mike Turner's office at least part of the day. What are your thoughts?

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Terry, try typing in Minnesota Tea Party in your search box and see what you can find. I'll see if I can't find one for you as well. Do you have some Fair Tax friends/supporters?
Dave, do we need permission from the post office to this? I might be able to round up a couple of people to do this with me here in Marion.
I replied on your personal page. I see Patty Ewing has contacted you. Maybe she could help at the Post Office.

A few of us will be at the Norfolk Virginia Church Street post off the last few hours of April 15. I've got a night class, but hope to make it in time. The blurb I placed in my FairTax "newsletter" is:

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. . .Post Office Rally, Norfolk, April 15 evening -

We’ll “show strength in numbers” at the Norfolk Post Office after dark, on Wednesday April 15th, the last day to turn in late tax forms. We’ll meet at the Church St. Post office in Norfolk at 8:00 pm, shortly before dark. Address is: 600 Church St, Norfolk, VA 23501-9908. See map at http://tinyurl.com/fdfrm Email me for better pics and maps. Want to carpool with me? Let me know – Paul Burgener 374-4551(days) 249-8835(home) p_Burgener@yahoo.com

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I'm working on getting FTN represented at the Houston Tea Party. They are anticipating over 5,000 people will be there. I'd call that fertile ground for recruiting!


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