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                          Experience and thoughts about Netroots

Netroots progressive bloggers convention was held in St. Paul, Minnesota.
I attended to represent Americans for Fair Taxation, hosted by the Wisconsin
FairTax. First and foremost the FairTax and its representatives were treated
with respect. Van Jones summed up the feeling of the majority during a
conversation we were having by stating “I commend you for your dedication to your cause
and willingness to bring your message to us". Unfortunately, there are
always a few that are threatened by our message. I spoke with a GOP
representative that had disdain for the FairTax and its supporters; I must add
this was not during the official convention but after hours in the hotel
libation establishment. I will not repeat what he said here, but some of you
did see the post I made about it. After everything was said and done, I did
receive an apology from the GOP group he represented and the person himself on
Monday, and found out his reasons for his distain; he is upset that FairTax
supporters are more likely to cross party lines or vote for the non viable
candidate if they support the FairTax.    

As for the discussions that took place at the convention, they mainly dealt
with the progressivity of the FairTax. The common misconception stands that the
rich still will not be paying “their fair share”, and businesses still won’t
pay “their fair share”. Their main argument was spending, the rich will invest.
 The progressivity of the FairTax was the
easiest to defend because we had, on hand with us to hand out, “the white sheet”
addressing that subject. As for the other two questions we never could come up
with a single answer that satisfied everyone. I found it the easiest to answer
the concern that the rich still won’t pay their “fair share” was by telling
them that under the FairTax plan we will be able to capture more from the rich
due to the fact that the rich spends much more than the middle class; couture
clothing, luxury toys, real-estate, and that I had them come up with their own

As for the businesses not paying their “fair share” some understood the
theory of embedded costs, especially after we explained and showed them the
studies. The mind set and belief of many of our visitors to our booth was that businesses
are “tax cheats”. For some unknown reason to myself and our other volunteers
the participants could not conceive that the lawmakers wrote the tax laws that
allow “big business” not to have a tax burden. There were numerous times I
would ask a participant who their congressperson was or who they wished their
congressperson was. Then I would bring up Library of Congress website (Thomas),
and show them the current Sponsor and Co-Sponsor summery of the 112th
Congress. Most were surprised that the Congressperson they supported was
willing to give big business a tax break.

I must say I had some of the liveliest conversations off site. In other
words, lively debating discussions over a beer. A little background on me that
helped with the discussion is that I am a Wisconsin
government worker, that way I had a viewpoint to sell the FairTax as a great item
for the working class. I was surprised by the number of supporters for the
FairTax, although very small, but off site I was questioned and thanked by
those supporters. For the most part the questions asked by the supporters were
standard fair; ranging from clarifying the prebate to any word on democrats
sponsoring the bill. Also offsite I fielded numerous FAQ’s and was thanked by
many for answering questions offsite because the questioners did not feel
comfortable being seen talking to me on site. I will note that most of the
questions could have been answered right from the website. Another positive was
that we meet a Congressperson and after some discussion I asked if he would be
interested is meeting with Rep. Woodall concerning the HR 25 and he stated he definitely
would. I did give my word not to reveal his/her name for obvious reasons, but
Rep. Woodall and the FairTax State Director already have been contacted and
given the representative names.

In summary it was well worth the time and effort due to the fact I found it
a learning experience. We have numerous supporters in the progressive movement
and as one young gentleman stated to me that many of his friends are
progressive and that they support the FairTax. Did we have some problems, yes,
but I am a believer that 1% spoils the other 99% or as I said to a blogger from
the WSJ when he asked how we were being treated. I answered him that I have
been treated much harsher from a lot of tea party groups that I have been
invited to speak at, which he was surprised to hear. Also most people agreed
with me that if the leaders of both parties can agree that they don’t like the
FairTax, then it is worth a look.



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