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New Grassroots Fairtax DVD - Nominate your favorite video!

I' have decided to put together a DVD that explains the Fairtax to people new to the idea. The first segment will be for total newbies, and the second will explain it it more detail. I would like to take a poll for which video's should be included. So far, I have decided to use the Lunch and Taxes videos, and Dennis Calabrese Explains the Fairtax. I want to keep this DVD as non-partisan as possible, but If I enclude a Mike Huckabee spot, I want to include a democrat video. So please include a link to a video that you want me to put on here. I will also include FairTaxNation in the credits.

I can capture video from youtube and google video. I downloadable file will be made so anyone can download, burn, and destribute the dvd.

The FairTax it's Time, and the Sales Tax USA video's. I would like to put several more on the video. Please nominate your favorite video that you would like to be included.

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Rep. Colin Peterson is listed by FairTax.org as a supporter. I called his office and they verified that he is. Perhaps they could direct you to a video of him voicing support. Also former Sen. Mike Gravel who ran for President last year is a strong FairTax supporter. Rep. Dan Boren of Oklahoma is a supporter and was a co-sponsor. I'm certain one of these Democrats would be glad to offer some help.
Who did you talk to in his office?
> Didn't right it down, it could have been Andrew. I've called a lot of reps. lately though. Cary
There is an official AFFT DVD that we're allowed to make copies of. I don't see it on the FairTax.org website (http://www.fairtax.org/site/PageServer?pagename=about_main) but I received 2 copies of this DVD in the mail from Steve Curtis of Curtis Management Resources LLC, PO Box 1232, Fairborn, OH 45324. Steve Curtis is the Ohio Director for the FairTax. He's a member of FairTax Nation. I'm sure he'd be happy to send you a couple copies. This DVD is 30 minutes long, I believe.
send me a copy
I've got a few copies. It's a little dated, and doesn't explain the Fairtax as well as I'd like to people who are new to the idea. I may use it, but I'm more interested in video's in the mold of the lunch and taxes videos.
I believe the video was made 2 years ago - the Fair Tax hasn't changed since then.

Personally, I think "Its Time" is perfect for the newbies - I'm going to make copies of it to pass out.

The lunch and taxes are very good too - but I feel they are a little short and don't go in depth enough. But by all means include them. With the 5 lunch and taxes and Its Time, you're going to still have a lot of room left on the DVD. I would add the new video by Paul Wizikowski (My FAIRTAX Story) as well.

My two cents.
Where can I see this DVD? I'd like to see it and then order it if it meets my needs.
oops - asked to quick. just watched it and it's great!
where can I view this DVD? I would like to distribute some copies if I could

"Its Time" can be found at the bottom of the main page
thanks, I did not realize it was the same video on fairtax.org site. It is a great video. I will capture it to distribute, and I may add the lunch & taxes to it as well.

I just want to get the truth out to as many people as possible. Even the info documents I pass out I want to add "please contact your congress rep" and give the name & number to boot!

Thanks again.


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