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New Grassroots Fairtax DVD - Nominate your favorite video!

I' have decided to put together a DVD that explains the Fairtax to people new to the idea. The first segment will be for total newbies, and the second will explain it it more detail. I would like to take a poll for which video's should be included. So far, I have decided to use the Lunch and Taxes videos, and Dennis Calabrese Explains the Fairtax. I want to keep this DVD as non-partisan as possible, but If I enclude a Mike Huckabee spot, I want to include a democrat video. So please include a link to a video that you want me to put on here. I will also include FairTaxNation in the credits.

I can capture video from youtube and google video. I downloadable file will be made so anyone can download, burn, and destribute the dvd.

The FairTax it's Time, and the Sales Tax USA video's. I would like to put several more on the video. Please nominate your favorite video that you would like to be included.

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What a great idea Joshua! One quick thing about the "Lunch and Taxes" series - while it is incredibly well produced, it doesn't start at "1". What I mean is this - we're familiar with the FairTax, so those spots make sense to us. If I were a total FairTax newbie, I'd be a little confused and/or have a lot of questions as to exactly what they were talking about.

Again - Paul did an incredible job making the films. I just think they either needed the 2 actors to have "FairTax" and "Current Income Tax" on their shirts, or simplified language and an "Episode 1" explaining who those guys are, what they represent etc...
Joshua, here are a few more FairTax videos that I like. They're not official ones. They're Gov. Mike Huckabee, or Neal Boortz and John Linder or Joe Wurzelbacher explaining it. I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for or not.

Mike Huckabee explains the fair tax

Here's my very favorite Huckabee IRS video.
Common sense "Huckabees' fairtax"

The Fair Tax -- Neal Boortz & Rep. John Linder

Joe the Plumber -- IRS Vote.com

By the way, Joe Wurzelbacher asked us to text our votes to 71374 -- and type in IRS IN or IRS OUT. It costs either 99 cents or $1.99.
Or you can call 1-900-950-4444 to vote.
Excellent Joshua! Will it be a replacement for the 18 (to long) minute one that we've used over and over? I would love to see one very similar but update the graphics and photos with the same relevant content but 10 min. max!! I would like to see one available for DVD copying and YouTube. Average people testimonials are a plus++ How about it?

I'm sure Mr. Calabrese is top guns on the FairTax knowledge but he makes me a little sleepy. As far as the Democrats being included in the video, are there any that are willing to come forward and admitting it?

The current one is hard to beat on portraying a non-partisan feel. If you do use the Huckabee, Linder, Boortz or many of the usual talking heads it may be doomed. I like all these guys but knowledgeable "no names" will get us further in the climate we find ourselves in.
Now, I'm looking for Democrat Fair Tax videos. I wonder if I will find any. Here's what I found when I searched for Democrats FairTax video.

Fair Tax Ad 1

FairTax Infomercial

B.I.N.G.O. -- found a bunch of really cool Fair Tax Videos on FairTax.org.


On the Road -- Iowa Bus Tour -- not a word is spoken -- all music -- but gives an overview of the Fair Tax Movement -- really cool


Fair Tax Jack Is Back

By the way, I'm not sure which videos we are allowed to copy, but I'm pretty sure that FAIR TAX -- IT'S TIME says at the end to go ahead and copy it.

Anything that is put out by FairTax.org probably can be copied with their permission.

I'm not sure about YouTube video or Google video.
In Alabama, we have a lot of issues in the new around legalizing gambling, maybe using things such as lottery, winning cars are all exempt from being hit with that huge tax would be effective. I know someone that won a car and rejected it because of getting hit with the huge tax. Under the FairTax that won't happen to any type of winnings! woo hoo!!


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