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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

There are so many here that are wiser than I & I thank you in advance all the help I can get to rebute this.  As par for the course this is a war & there will always be contrarians.  Gooo FairTax!


It's not quite accurate to claim that the Fairtax allows no "exceptions". HR25 does not tax education tuition. The camel's nose is already under the tent flap! What is to prevent some Senator from proposing exceptions for home mortgages, health care, groceries, or whatever else he might think is just as important as education tuition? No exceptions should be allowed, period!  Hank VanGieson



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I am not certain, but I think that he is right about the tuition. I am thinking the FairTax looks at tuition as an "investment" therefore since the FairTax does not tax investments, he is correct. That surprised me a little because I was thinking there were no exceptions too.
Also, remember that Hank is a VAT guy who i trying to kill the FairTax movement any way he can.
Randy is correct with the statement that "education is an investment". It is not "new goods or services at the retail level". It is therefore not a loophole as the Fair Tax does not apply to investments.
Thanks Guys! I KNEW you'd come through!!! Gooo FairTax!


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