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> Since it's launch last Thursday almost 75,000 people have joined the Online Tax Revolt. Make sure everyone here ads their name to the list. We need a graphic on the main page here and at  FairTax.org.

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The counter is about to break 80,000 any minute!
Maybe I should have said 83,000.
how about over 85,500
There is now fan page on facebook for the Online Tax revolt. Once you become a fan, there is an application you can add to your profile. Once you do that, you will be able to invite 20 friends a day to the app. And also the fan page. This is really cool.

> By the time anyone reads this we'll be over 165,000
The March is now over 180,000. It is Saturday afternoon 3/13/10. The numbers have climbed since Gov Huckabee signed on as a leader
Actually, the avg new additions has decreased since Huckabee signed on, but I don't think that has anything to do with it. I think it's because all the FairTax connected people have now signed on. Which shows we need to reach new people to keep it growing. We need to be utilizing social media better this week.

End of first week - 85K avg 12k per day
End of second week - 136K avg 7.2k per day
End of third week - 173K avg 5.2k per day

Feb 25 - 67k
Feb 26 - 85k
Mar 1 - 101k
Mar 3 - 122k
Mar 4, 130k
Mar 5 - 136k
Mar 9 - 156k
Mar 10 - 161k
Mar 11 - 167k
Mar 12 - 173k
Mar 13 - 178k
Mar 18 - 192k avg 3k per day.
> When the Huckabee show airs we'll pick up the pace.
We need to keep spreading the word! Over 200,000 have already joined. Let's get 200,000 more. I'm proud to say that my congressman, Jim Jordan (OH-D4) has accepted my invitation and joined! Let's go on offense because the VAT cometh!!
Ken Hogland will be on Huckabee this Saturday 4/3/10. They are advertising it on FOX NEWS channel. It airs at 8:00PM Eastern time and again at 11:00 PM Saturday night along with Sunday evening.

Maybe (if live show) Ken can get a commitment from Mike to join the Storm the Hill event.
This is a reminder to watch the show.
> It's not a live show, I think it was recorded about 3 weeks ago. But it would be great if he could attend.


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