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Operation FairTax Victory - Very Important Notice/Update

For all of you dedicated supporters of the FairTax coming to DC for Operation FairTax Victory - take heed.

The location for the Storm the Hill rally has been moved from the south lawn of the Capitol building to Freedom Plaza (14th and Pennsylvania Ave.).

The rally is now scheduled to begin at 11am instead of 9am and will end at 1pm. After the rally, we will "proceed" from Freedom Plaza to the "Hill" and the Congressional buildings. The rally will still feature all of the same speakers as before and maybe more.

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With all due respect, it is a very bad idea to make changes this late in the process. Phil Hinson already sent out a PDF flier with the now old information to many people on a conference call last week. These people, including myself, either already have or are in the process of contacting radio stations with the now obsolete information. it will only create confusion and people will be showing up at the wrong place and at the wrong time. I strongly recommend you reconsider leaving the parameters as they were originally set.
Thanks for your input Dan but this change is due to circumstances far beyond our control and is not of our making.
I highly recommend that we get .org to send out a BLAST email to their lists regarding the change!! NOTE...we'll be able to let people know about the change at the meet and greet.
IS the NEW location able to be seen from the old location?
My understanding is .org has nothing to do with the rally.
They are only doing the "on line tax revolt"! Will my avatar be headed to the wrong place?? I have been walking for so lloonngg, I hope I do not miss it.

Not being able to make a full disclosure of all of the facts as I understand them at this time, I cannot point my finger directly at .org; however, I think it is fair for me to say that there is another element located in the Houston area that has everything to do with this change.

Fair enough?
Regardless who is to blame, the bottom line is changing the plan at this late stage creates confusion and disorganization. It is a disservice to the cause.

I agree with you completely and I expressed that same sentiment to the rest of the "decision makers". Unfortunately, it fell on deaf ears.
If it has anything with DA and FW, that would be their plan.
I think the new plan is a much better plan anyway. Everyone getting off the metro will see what's going on.
I don't think that is "100%" accurate because Boortz announced on his radio show the old location and states that AFFT is part of the Online Tax Revolt. SO....they would need to make sure that the location is correct and thus can send out blast emails or maybe it will be in their "Friday" additions...the changes.

They are not "totally" hands off...

I based my remark on a recent conference call regarding publicizing the rally. It was mentioned in passing Fair Tax Nation is coordinating the effort and that .org has nothing to do with the rally. Boortz announcement only confirms the late change for the time and location could create considerable confusion.


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