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Operation FairTax Victory - Very Important Notice/Update

For all of you dedicated supporters of the FairTax coming to DC for Operation FairTax Victory - take heed.

The location for the Storm the Hill rally has been moved from the south lawn of the Capitol building to Freedom Plaza (14th and Pennsylvania Ave.).

The rally is now scheduled to begin at 11am instead of 9am and will end at 1pm. After the rally, we will "proceed" from Freedom Plaza to the "Hill" and the Congressional buildings. The rally will still feature all of the same speakers as before and maybe more.

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I could not agree with you more. Changing the time was certainly not my idea.

Sometimes trades are made for the benefit of the overall.

Remember, Boortz has not been helping advertise this event anyway until just recently. That was part of the trade off. Unfortunately, he has not been communicated with properly if he is telling the wrong info at this point.

By the way, do you have a private jet I can borrow?

I think I had my own jet when I was a kid but my mother probably threw it out or gave it away with all my other toys after after I grew up. Sorry to give you the bad news.
Neal is using a recorded commercial. It is the same one he has had for over two weeks. It needs to be updated. Maybe we need to call his show and give him the updated info.


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