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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

> This new service is a great tool for forwarding the FairTax. There are only about 1500 people who have voted on the FairTax though. Get the word out asap. This is a simple but powerful tool to communicate with our Representatives. Every FTN member needs to start using it right away. With the Congress talking about budget cuts and tax reform, now is the time to convince them that the FairTax is the way to go. If they go on about their usual ways and enact some flat tax it might take many years for us to regain the needed momentum!

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If you haven't gone on the POPVOX site,please do so now! Read the comments of the folks who are against the FairTax. None of them has even read about it. They aren't clear in regards to how the FairTax works, and in fact have only heard that it is a sales tax.
Cary, you are 100% right. We need to make the most of this tool.

I encourage everyone to support these bills on POPVOX.com

HR 25
S 13
H.J. Res. 16

Encourage people in your comments to join FairTaxNation while you are on there.

I also encourage everyone to oppose these bills on POPVOX.com

HR 1040 the flat tax alt. idea.
HR 1124 a Tax The Rich class warfare idea.
I voted and left a comment. Has anyone notified the National Small Business Association? There should be much more than 1580.
> Dan we have 8000+ members how can we get all of them to respond? Not just a question for you but everyone.
> Big push needed! Ca8 Nancy Pelosi's district has 3 people opposing the FairTax. We need some supporters there. Lets turn this red district green.
The numbers are creeping up slowly. Here are the numbers that we really need, and that will get the FairTax to a vote. We 3500 supporters in each Congressional district. We also need 10500 in each district that belongs to a member of the Ways and Means Committee. Get there and we get the FairTax. Ante up guys.
POPVOX update! We need to get the word out about this, all members of FTN, tell your friends about POPVOX. I've been watching daily, the numbers are creeping up. Nationally FairTax is winning at 87%. Oklahoma has gone nut the last couple of days. Now everone, read the comments against the FairTax. Not a single one is logical or factual. We need a way to educate these people. I've also stopped by the DCCC facebook page, and man do we need to get the attention of the Democrats on there. It's like they don't even read my posts, I can't even get shot down. I guess you have to say something very derisive to get noticed, and there's plenty of that on there.


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