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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

First of all, I went to the Freedomworks poll, voted and am glad to see that the FairTax is leading 70% to 30%. No surprise there, but I will be surprised if Freedomworks doesn't suppress the results just like the GOP did.


Now a question...I don't mean to focus on Glenn Beck, but I'm just curious. On his radio show this morning I heard him say that we have a small window to repair the current disaster we're approaching and the way to do it is with the Flat Tax. He believes that the Flat Tax is going to do everything that we know the FairTax will do. He said we'd have an economic boom, corporations would flock to America, etc., etc. Where did he get this? Also, the only thing he said about the FairTax was "and don't talk to me about the FairTax". Why? I noticed I never hear his callers talk about the FairTax and I'm betting it's because his screener weeds us out. What is it he has against the FairTax? Generally I agree with Glenn and appreciate his effort to expose the Progressive movement, but his negative position on the FairTax is obviously going to have a trickle down effect with many in the 9-12 and TeaParty members. It's just frustrating and I'd like to know why the obvious can't be understood by many who should be strong FairTax supporters.

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