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Hi, I'm Debbie Kirkland in southeast Alabama. I'm new on this board, but not new to Fair Tax.

Did any of you participate in the above event tonight. We had to sign up ahead of time. Then tonight we received a phone call in order to listen in. They kept saying the GOP comeback would have to be a grass roots movement coming from the ground up and "press 2 to contribute" I listened for the complete hour and a half just to see if the Fair Tax was mentioned. I know we write our congressmen all the time, but I think we also need to write the policy makers. So here is my letter to them:

Nick Ayers – Executive Director
Republican Governors Association

Mr. Ayers,

Tonight, I listened in on the Republican Governors Associations Tele-Town Hall meeting with Governors Perry and Sanford. I think they said that there were some 30,000 participants. So, understandably, I didn’t have an opportunity to speak. Here’s my two cents, if you want it.

The governors kept talking about the GOP comeback that would have to come from the grass roots. I guess they are not aware of this, but the Republican party has not been listening to the grass roots for a long, long time.

They have not listened while Americans are practically begging for The Fair Tax. It is virtually ignored. This would be one of the best things to ever happen to our country. It is truly the most fair method of collecting revenue because it completely untaxes the poor and everyone, even illegal aliens and criminals would pay their fair share. It is the solution to our economic woes. Trillions of dollars would be repatriated. Industry would be flocking to relocate in our country and people would have to hide to avoid a job. But the Republican party refuses to put this on their platform.

When the Republican governors start pushing for this in their respective states, I’ll give every dollar I can spare to your cause. If someone will let me know which governors are promoting the Fair Tax, I will contribute to their campaign directly. But right now, I’m putting all I can spare of my time, talents and funds into the Fair Tax movement.

Thank you for your time,
Debbie Kirkland
Headland, AL

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Excellent letter. Debbie, did anyone at all mention the Fair Tax in the teleconference call? I know that Rep. Jim Jordan gets Fair Tax talk in every townhall teleconference call we have here in Ohio.
No, not mentioned at all. It was mostly "reform will have to come from the grassroots" and "we want to capitalize on the tea party movement". One of the governors kept encouraging people to pick a cause, get five friends to join with them and call the congressmen every day. He said when they start getting 100 phone calls a day on a particular issue, they start to pay attention. At our next meeting, I'm going to ask everyone to program their congressman's number in their cell phone as they sit there. It only takes a minute to call and can be done during normal down time... in a doc's office, while driving, gasing your car, etc.. Being nice has not worked. We've got to start pestering them. Perhaps we should have a national campaign to push for that....just brainstorming. -Debbie
I agree. It will take constant pressure to get any action. I like your idea and I'd take it a step further and bug the senators, too.

Just plain pitiful that Fair Tax wasn't brought up. We've got our work cut out for us.
Miss Debbie, I enjoyed the letter and comments. I washed my hands w/ Republocrats and various other parties the other week. Your letter was much more kind than mine. I just listed all the crud w/ FairTax at the top.

Thanks for the report. Makes me very angry FairTax was not even mentioned. Just more rhetoric. I was hoping these folks would get together w/ state sovereignty issue and actually push FairTax. I am an eternal optimist. (Or maybe just muley.)


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