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Response from Senator Webb (D-VA) to my S296 FairTax Letter

I sent a letter and email to Sen. Webb (D-VA) asking him to support the Fairtax. My letter and his response are posted on my blog http://www.jasonguidry.net Short version is his auto reply software read 'illegal immigrant' in the letter and automatically sent me a reply about illegal immigration. Nice to know they really read the mail we send them.


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I find this very disturbing, if not downright disgusting.

Is it any wonder why we ask (and assert) if Washington (and our elected "leaders") are listening to us? (let alone even hearing us?).

Thanks for your post Jason - this is exactly the kind of thing that should alarm us all.
Well, at least you got a response. I got no response from my congressman (Lamar Smith, R-TX). Of course he is one of the few Republicans listed at Fairtax.org as being against the FairTax.

I assume he feels right at home with other FairTax opponents like Nancy Peolsi, Henry Waxman, Charlie Rangel, Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry.
Smith was elected to the House of Representatives in 1986. Another professional politician.

After 23 years, it's time for him to go.
He would have done better to not have responded at all.

You need to get a few dozen FairTax supporters from around your neck of the woods to visit his office one day with that stupid response in your hand.

You should be deeply insulted by this.
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At least he answered you! Still waiting for a reply to a letter I sent him a couple years ago!
At least he answered you! Still waiting for a reply to a letter I sent him a couple years ago!
I certainly hope you're not letting him slide with that. Outrageous. These boobs don't get it. Don't let up. I called Ways & Means (tied Fair Tax in w/ health care) today, as well as 4 individual members, and my reps. I will not sit back and allow Fair Tax to be ignored by those we pay to represent us.
I'm particularly frustrated today, that congress & senate can be so, so....I don't even know the word! Grrrr! Fair Tax is coming, whether they like it or not.


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