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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

We have an opportunity like no other as Fair Tax Advocates let us NOT miss out! We have 3 Republican & 2 Democrat candidates NONE of which are endorsing, defending or educating about the Fair Tax Bill.  NOW is our time to act!  Are we up to the challenge of getting 100 FAIR TAX postcards into the mailboxes of these Presidential Candidates?

Weeks ago the states of Washington and Illinois began the Presidential Fair Tax Educational Campaign by sending Trump, Carly, Carson, Christie and Bush Fair Tax educational kits that consisted of: the BOOK "The FairTax Book" the CD "FairTax the Truth Answering the Critics" the FTN tri-fold informational flier and a note from the "temporary state captain".

Due to there not being any more "CD's of FairTax the Truth Answering the Critics" the hope is that any state captain and supporters will at least be willing to send "The FairTax Book" to at least 5 Presidential Candidates along with a note on behalf of the Fair Tax supporters of your state. 

WE NEED 48 more state captains...would you be willing to do this temporarily?

Please contact Jamie Wheeler WA here on FTN, TEXT 509-628-6876, email NoMoreIRS@aol.com

Temporary State Captain Volunteers so far are:

WA Jamie Wheeler

IL Marilyn Rickert



Find your Congress Members @ contactingthecongress.org

EXCELLENT SITE for information on election and candidate information!

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