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Replace All Federal Taxes on Income with the Fair Tax Act , HR 25

I listened to the full hearing twice and recorded my observations and comments here along with timestamps to the more interesting bits -> http://ihaveavoice.net/?p=789

Good stuff.  I'm impatient for the next.

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I watched too.  Your analysis is spot on.  Watching the village idiots squirm was worth the price of admission.  I hated the fact that they only allow such a short amount of time to discuss the single most important issue we face.  We are making progress - at glacial speed.  I am simply dumbfounded that there are still Keynesians out there....thanks for the post.  Keep the faith.


They are having additional hearings, aren't they?  That was the impression I got from listening.

I saw the last half, I'll have to watch the whole hearing. Your evaluation seems accurate, but I think Stephen Entin could come over to our side with a little education. We did a lot better in this hearing, partly because of Mr. Mastromarco. The early hearings are by nature confrontational, and in the Ways and Means hearing Larry Kotlikoff got off topic and let Bruce Bartlett highjack part of the conversations. Thankfully David Tuerke was there and kept the conversation where it should have stayed, somewhat pro-FairTax. The Democrats on the panel were absolutely negative, which Kotlikoff couldn't understand. They were politicing, treating the FairTax like it was bad for their constituents.

This time we got a better reception. Hopefully in future hearings we will do better yet.

I found it a lot more fascinating than I expected.  Doing the synopsis helped me see more of the nuances of what was happening under the surface.


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