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I recently got an email from "Mark" claiming to be a disappointed FairTax supporter who has "discovered" the fatal flaw in the FairTax proposal. In reality, I think this demonstrates the "Powers That Be", particularly those on the Left, are getting nervous about the FairTax, and are starting to try and "take it down".

My response and the email below for your entertainment.

This is GREAT!!!

Huckabee said it best, “If you throw a stone over the fence, and the dogs start howling, you know you must have hit one of them.” Mark, if that’s even his real name, seems to be just such a dog.

I seriously doubt the Far Left has any love of the FairTax, and the recent exposure on TV, at Tea Parties, and in serious discussions about the critical state of the US economy, is educating the public on the benefits of the FairTax, and that makes the Left nervous

And from Mark’s letter, they must be getting real concerned about the idea of the American people taking back their power from Congress.

But, true to form, the Left doesn’t engage in honest debates about the merits of the proposal. Instead, they prefer to attack indirectly and under cover. We’ve seen the tactic before… using ACORN operatives to feign anger at AIG executives, engaging in character assassination of people like Joe the Plumber or Carrie Prejean, or, one of my favorites, Barney Frank blaming bank executives for the sub-prime loan crisis just months after he was forcing them to make the loans he now condemns.

And Mark, or steamboatskibum, is just another example. Someone posing as a “supporter”, claiming a measure of legitimacy, but using that guise for the real purpose of attacking the FairTax. Kind of like Nancy Pelosi telling us how much she supports the military!!!!

But Mark’s letter is interesting in and of itself.

First, did anyone notice that Mark appears to be near Divine in his understanding of the FairTax. Even though hundreds of economists, thousands of city mayors, governors, and hundreds of thousands of really smart and interested advocates of the FairTax have been working on it for years, HE, along with a few of his closest friends, has discovered the fatal flaw. We are really lucky to have someone as smart as Mark on our side, that’s for sure!!!

You might also notice that none of Mark’s claims are supported. He just makes them, and demands that we accept them without question. (This, by itself, almost proves Mark is a Lefty in disguise. Those on the Far Left, like those simple minded ACORN workers interviewed during and after the election, are conditioned to accept even the most ridiculous of claims from their Leadership. Others, like FairTax supporters, want some proof).

But, just for laughs, let’s demolish Mark.

First, Mark claims the taxation of government is “hidden”. Sorry, but when you put it in two best-selling books, write it into the proposed legislation, and discuss it on radio and tv, it ain’t hidden. Unlike the current system where ear-marks and special exemptions are written into bills a few hours before Congress votes on them, without reading I might add, the FairTax is clear, honest and simple in stating who and what is covered.

Second, and another clue that Mark is really from the Left, is Mark’s claim that the government won’t be able to “pay” the taxes associated with purchases under the FairTax. Mark is obviously, as those from the Left continue to do, equating the FairTax to an “additional” tax on top of what is already being paid. He totally misses the point that, under the FairTax, embedded taxes are removed, prices are reduced, and the FairTax is collected as a part of the new, reduced price. (Any real long-time supporter of the FairTax, as Mark claims to have been, would know this!!)

And third…… hey Mark. Congress calls hearings, and decides who testifies under oath. Rather than being called and allowed to present the FairTax in fair and honest testimony, FairTaxers have been routinely denied the opportunity to testify. The past President’s Commission, for instance, refused to allow FairTax testimony, changed the definition of the FairTax by adding exemptions and extra rules, and then declared that FairTax to be unworkable. They then followed that up by denying FairTax the opportunity to rebut their claims. FairTax would love to spend a few weeks educating Congress on the FairTax, and exposing, for the world to see, the incompetence, corruption, and waste associated with the current system, and those in Congress who continue to support it.

I could go on, but Mark’s letter has all the subtly of a hairball on the living room rug, so why waste the time.

But, as I said at the beginning. Mark’s letter is great. It shows we are making more progress in promoting the FairTax then we realized. Those that love the power of the current income tax system are getting nervous enough to attack (even if poorly done).

We don’t need opinion polls to tell us the FairTax is gaining steam. We’ve got Mark.


Mark's Letter

Fairtax sounds great -- I was a big Fairtax fan at first.

Have any of you folks wondered why you have such a great plan -- but it's going nowhere? It seems to have run out of steam. Rep Linder said there were 600,000 volunteers -- back in 2002! He predicted six million by 2004. Not supporters -- volunteers!!

Since corporations actively seek lower taxes -- they should be supporting this effort too. Corporations spend millions a year on candidates and lobbyist trying to lower their taxes. As you know, Fairtax gets rid of all corporate taxes.

So why aren't corporations for Fairtax? Doesn't that make you even question what's really going on?

You can say politicians won't give up the power. Fine. But at one point Fairtax claimed 75 Congressional supporters - and presumably, many peole running for office would be for Fairtax too. And these Fairtax supporters should be awash in business and corporate money, to get their message out.

If Fairtax were on the level, the entire Fairtax effort would be much different. But Fairtax is not on the level. Fairtax has fooled a well meaning segment of the public -- but even that segment is dwindling. What happened?

What happened is, Fairtax is, sadly, not what it pretends to me. It sounded fantastic! But behind the hype, Fairtax is basically a deceptive gimmick. I don't mean to burst your bubble, but it is. Fairtax is basically a slick gimmick, it's deceptive.

For all its hype, Fairtax itself is a huge hidden tax. That's right -- of all things, Fairtax itself is really a massive hidden tax. Fairtax decries the "embedded taxes" -- but it is actually based on huge embedded taxes itself.

Fairtax claims, as you know that corporations can't really pay taxes, because they just pass the cost along. Same with any business -- they pass the cost along to people. So "be honest" as Boortz claims, "call it like it is" and don't tax business or corporations.

Okay. Call it like it is. Fairtax claims all government entities will pay this tax. "The federal government itself will become a MAJOR taxpayer" Page 148, the Fairtax Book. Also, pages 138-142 Fairtax Answer Book shows that all cities, states - all government at all levels (except education) has to pay this tax.

How can the government at all levels pay this massive tax, without passing the cost along?

It's slight of hand. It was deceptive the first day forward.

Fairtax leaders at the national level fully realize it's deceptive. They made it deceptive. They had to make it deceptive.

Fairtax had to be deceptive because of math. Fairtax knew that USA gov spending was so high, a national sales tax would have to be 50% or more. And that a 50% sales tax would decimate consumer spending. So Fairtax had to somehow claim their tax rate would be low enough that they could claim it "would be a wash" as Boortz claims.

Well, it's not a wash -- and Fairtax knew it. Fairtax could not possibly go forward with the truth -- that we have to cut spending massively for a sales tax to work. A 80% cut in spending is not an option. So Fairtax had to cloud the issue, and pretend to get far more revenue than it really could, at 23%.

Fairtax is not transparent - -- transparent means people know what's going on. Just one example -- not one mayor, not one city council member, not one governor, not one state legislator, knows that Fairtax plans a massive new (and unconstitutional) tax that they would have to pay.

Call up Arnold Schwarzenegger, see if he has any clue that CA would owe over 100 billion in sales tax on their spending. Call up any mayor in CA. Ask them.

Because as crazy as it seems, Fairtax is not just a tax on people -- Fairtax math is based on all government levels paying this tax too. Every state, every county, every park district, fire department, and Veteran's hospital, would be paying massive new taxes on their own spending.

Now -- you can say that's the way it should be. But you can't say it's transparent -- because no governor knows it. No mayor knows it. Transparent means they know it.

What kind of tax plan keeps the plan for massive revenue hidden, unknown, unclear?

If you are going to tax every city, state, and county, fine. Tell them about it. Be honest about it.

Does anyone at Fairtax think they can get his passed in Congress, when this massive tax on cities and states comes out? No.

Everyone at Fairtax knows this very basic truth of a massive new tax on cities and states, would doom the plan, and rightfully so. That's why Fairtax is keeping this part of their plan as hidden as they possibly can. A massive new tax on cities and states would cause taxes at that level to skyrocket.

Have you wondered why Fairtax could never get a hearing under oath, in any subcommittee in congress?

Fairtax can get away with barely mentioning this massive new tax in their book-- but that's not how it would go in a hearing. They would have to more than mention this massive tax, in any hearing under oath. They would have to face questions. They would have to explain.

Where will all these cities and states get the money to pay these new taxes?

Also, they would have to explain why they have pretty much kept this part as hidden as they could. That's why you will never see Fairtax leaders like Linder, Boortz, Hoagland, at any hearing under oath. They know they have been deceptive, and they want no part of exposing their own deception.

Now, this isn't the only deceptive and double dealing from Fairtax. There are others. It's really a house of cards. The prebate, the tax on medical costs for the poor, the tax on rent, all these things are major issues that would, by themselves, sink Fairtax. But this fantastic deception about taxing the government should make you wonder.

Don't get mad at me -- I was a Fairtax fan too, at first. Then I started to read it closer and ask questions. Bottom line - Fairtax leaders know its BS, and aren't really trying to pass it.

You folks seem like pretty sincere people, from what I can tell. But you are supporting a deceptive farce. It's losing steam, because it's a farce.

It might be fun to have your gatherings, and that's fine. I understand that. But the truth matters -- math matters. And Fairtax is not on the level. Sorry.

Mark Douglas. steamboatskibum@yahoo.com

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Steve, I concur. When I read this guy's letter, the only thing I became convinced of is that he didn't know what he is talking about. Clearly, he either doesn't know the FairTax or he has an agenda. If he actually knew the facts, he'd also know that many economists that don't support the Fair Tax still agree that it's far more beneficial economically and easier to employ than that disgusting millstone of a tax code that we've got today.

The "fatal flaw(s)" lie in this fellow's letter only, not within the Fair Tax.

Strange, but there's a guy on youtube that uses a variety of different handles who criticizes the Fair Tax at every opportunity. He is unable to conduct thoughtful, meaningful dialogue, and cusses like a sailor; doesn't have a clue as to what he's talking about and is thoroughly unteachable. Mr. Dougless sound very much like him, even using some of the same words used in this letter. No one on youtube pays him any attention any more. Ah, well, even he'll be happier when the FairTax becomes a reality.

Thanx for your commentary, Steve. You go straight to the heart of it.
You're right Nancy
I've even made 2 videos to help people understand just the type of person he is.

You can find this guy on YouTube commenting on....well pretty much EVERY video there is about the same thing over and over and over.


...just to name a few.

His questions have been addressed over and over and over.......nothing changes though.
I've reported him to YouTube....but of coruse we all know where that is going.
great job!
I actually brought this up with youtube again and am currently discussing it with....someone.
Not sure if they are with YouTube or not, but trying to show them how it is obviously the same person.

If anyone wishes to join the fight to give me some support and backup, please feel free.

Tony, thank you for your hard work! You've hit the nail on the identifying this guy as the very one I referred to. I'll follow your lead and take action.


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